Vico Mercati (MB)

by Stefanella Ebhardt
Vico Mercati (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

In the historic center of Vimercate, the ancient fifteenth-century residence of the Corio Counts houses a romantic restaurant where the enchanting blend of history and contemporary exploration creates a truly special and magical atmosphere.

The entrance is located at number 12 in the Piazza Castellana, right behind the Romanesque Church of Santo Stefano, framed by a suggestive façade decorated with original frescoes and by the iron initials of the village ‘VM’, a testament to the ancient history of the building, beautifully renovated by the current owners, the Beltramme family.

In the main hall, perfect lighting points illuminate the floral centerpieces, such as the dramatic hydrangeas picked from the restaurant’s charming summer garden, and modern wine racks serve as partitions between the tables, telling the owner Stella Martina’s great passion for fine wine. She is the perfect host who welcomes guests and pampers them for a romantic dinner, a business lunch, or intimate exclusive gatherings.

Vico Mercati (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Vico Mercati (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

It is a privilege to be able to host our guests in a place so full of charm, which we love to enrich with special atmospheres and flavors capable of honoring the value of the structure.

(Stella Martina, owner)

Truly unexpected is the small room at the back, 15 square meters of history and charm carved out of what was once the atrium of Villa Corio, adorned with paintings dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries along all the walls that surround the guests, creating an intimate atmosphere of days gone by. Open in summer upon reservation given its proximity to the garden, in the cold season it is only available for private events.

But one must venture down into the cellar of Vico Mercati and hear its story to truly breathe in the essence of the place: what used to be the ancient icehouse, utilized for meat preservation and butchering until the late 19th century, has now become the center of the owner’s passion for wines. It’s where Stella organizes tastings and small private events.

Vico Mercati (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

Vico Mercati seamlessly blends history and contemporaneity in a carefully sought-after balance, a vision that was strongly upheld even with the latest interior redesign carried out by Stella in the summer of 2023.

The elegant and cultured atmosphere is elevated by meticulous service and expertly executed dishes on a menu that draws inspiration from Lombard tradition while incorporating the chef’s contemporary expertise. Examples include the Veal with Tuna Sauce and seasonal vegetables, or Il Nostro Tiramisù.

Vico Mercati (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Vico Mercati (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

Selected ingredients, a constant evolution of recipes, and a wine list boasting over 250 labels make Vico Mercati a ‘home away from home’ for its devoted clientele, who come from all over the region for Sunday lunches or special occasions that Stella loves to organize down to the smallest detail.

The Secret

In the 15th-century wine cellar, you can still see the well that was once used by all the inhabitants for water supply, until it was incorporated into the icehouse of the Corio Counts. Today, it is the place where bottles are stored and displayed, taking advantage of the nearly constant temperature and humidity, granted by the historic stone walls.

Useful Info

Vico Mercati
Piazza Castellana 12
20871 Vimercate, Monza Brianza
Tel. +39 0396612209

Starters: 19 — 29 euro
First courses: 18 — 20 euro
Second courses: 18 34
Tasting menu: from 55 euro 

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