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Mitù Spirit of Colombia (MI)

by Alessia Ceccherini
Mitù Spirit of Colombia (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In Milan, the first fine dining of Colombian cuisine in Italy which, from the dream of 4 friends, takes us on a culinary and cultural journey to discover an extraordinary country, among fruit delights from the Amazon forest and local manufacturing art.

Mitù is the name of a small Colombian town, gateway to the Amazon rainforest, a magical place whose spirit is embodied by the jaguar, the logo chosen for the venue, a symbol of power and fertility.

The project was born from the idea of four friends, the Colombian brothers Ivan Corboda, football legend former defender of Inter, now sports manager, and Andres Cordoba, architect of the MA2A studio, Luca Monica, manager in the Food&Beverage sector, and Filippo Ingraffia, founder of the IlaLex law firm, to create a place in Milan where the Colombian hospitality, as well as the country’s rich cultural heritage, could be experienced.

Mitù Spirit of Colombia (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Mitù Spirit of Colombia (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

My dream was to bring all that is beautiful about Colombia to Italy in order to make both my roots and the historical identity of my people also known here, in my second home.

(Ivan Cordoba)

To do this, they turned to Álvaro Clavijo, famous chef of the El Chato restaurant in Bogotà, a real star in South America, 5th on the official list of Latin America’s 50 Best, who for Mitù studied a menu linked to the rediscovery of Colombian cuisine and the enhancement of a territory rich in raw materials. The resident chef is the Spanish Josè Narbona Rodriguez, who collaborated with Álvaro in Colombia, and who interprets the spirit of Mitù to perfection.

The beautiful decor of the restaurant was created by Andres Cordoba who transformed a former warehouse in via Panfilo Castaldi into a “tropical” design paradise, inspired in particular by the cultural and manufacturing traditions of the Antioquia region where the architect comes from.

Mitù Spirit of Colombia (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

The guest is welcomed into an entrance area with an open kitchen, where he can admire a fresco that represents a typical landscape of the Amazon forest. From the bar counter, you can start your journey to discover Colombian flavors and aromas by tasting one of the fab cocktails (the Lulo Mojito made with lulo, one of the most popular typical fruits, is really delicious), and then continue in the main area, the heart of the venue, which it also includes a private room and a garden patio.

All the furnishings have been specially made by local artisans and each object tells a story. The hand-painted ceramics come from Antioquia, the beautiful masks hanging on the wall are typical of the Colombian carnival, the second most important in the world after that of Rio de Janeiro, the photographs displayed in the private room and in the niche for two are by William Gonzales, a photographer from Bogota, and a traditional wooden canoe is even hung on the wall in front of the bar.

Mitù Spirit of Colombia (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

The menu is a journey to discover the flavors of Colombia, perfectly balanced between the main traditional dishes and recipes with a more creative and contemporary flavour. The protagonist is its renowned fruit, truly delicious and not always easy to find, considering the difficult geopolitical situation that the country is experiencing.

We find it, in particular, among the appetizers such as in the granadilla (fruit of the passion flower), leche de tigre and cashews, or in the delicious ceviche such as that of scallops, coconut and mango and the one of chicharrones, and in desserts such as the Lulo, guanabana and meringue or the Açaí (berries from the Amazon forest), blackberries and puffed chocolate.

Mitù Spirit of Colombia (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Mitù Spirit of Colombia (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Among the main courses, not to be missed are the renowned cuts of meat from Colombia, such as the grilled Picaña with mashua and papaya sauce or the Entraña with a reduction of frijoles, papa criolla and aji of guatila and huacatay, or the famous Patarashca, fish cooked in banana leaf, okra and chontaduro sauce.

A unique experience, but don’t stop at the cuisine, there is a whole country that is really worth discovering here.

The Secret

Colombia has the largest tropical rainforest in the world which covers about a third of the entire country and represents the largest ecological reserve on the planet. Such biodiversity could only give life to recipes with extraordinary flavours.

Useful Info

Via Panfilo Castaldi 28
20124 Milano
Tel. +39 02 49404925

Tapas: 8 euro
Starters: 12 — 25 euro 
Main courses: 26 — 42 euro

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