La Bottega di Vittorio (BS)

by Stefanella Ebhardt e Alessia Ceccherini
La Bottega di Vittorio (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

In Brescia, the Mombelli brothers have recovered their father Vittorio's historic deli shop to create a "Salumeria Restaurant", where, between Berkel slicers and original hot-air balloons, a refined cuisine is served, inspired by tradition and the best raw material.

La Bottega di Vittorio, opened by Ruggero, a fine delicatessen seller, and Claudio, an experienced chef and gourmand specialist, is the story of a solid family and culinary evolution.

When they decide to give a new life to their parents’ 50ies delicatessen store, the brothers design the restaurant themselves, with the help of an art master and friend. The choice was to maintain the strong identity of the “bottega”, an historical point of reference in the San Bartolomeo neighborhood. Following this idea, the rooms were decorated with vintage Berkels of every shape and color, which the owners love to collect, the traditional deli counter covered with cheeses and cured meats, as well as shelves full of specialties.

La Bottega di Vittorio (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

We like to approach our cuisine as we do with the guests, with lots of care and attention. Everyone feels at home here: even in the most elaborate dish you can always find the flavors of our traditional recipes.

(Claudio Mombelli, founder)

The accuracy in the choice of ingredients and the search for unique and innovative proposals are a family heritage, a legacy that Claudio applies in creating a contemporary menu in which the taste of tradition is never lost. The dishes are storytold directly to the tables  and change daily, according to the fresh availability and the season.

The interior design has been conceived in order to recover the main historical elements of the Mombelli’s shop: vintage scales, old invoices hanging on the walls and memorabilia photos. There are only nine tables, thus creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, and, as an original note, among them many colored hot air balloons stand out, another collection that has fascinated the family over the years.

La Bottega di Vittorio (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

Ruggero and Claudio are the soul of the restaurant, a perfect gourmand duo thanks to a long experience gained over the years in other restaurants. Today, together with the young cook Luca Colombo, who literally “grew up” with them, it translates into a very personal, yet refined and classy cuisine.

The traditional dishes are elaborated in a modern and elegant way, starting from the territory, the local markets, and constantly scouting the best delicacies from the whole of Italy. A menu that is renewed every day with some must-tries as the special cured meats selected by Ruggero, the purple risotto with red chickory and Amarone wine, the guinea fowl with artichoke and pomegranate and the millefeuille with creams.

La Bottega di Vittorio (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

La Bottega di Vittorio is also a place to go for some very good deli shopping: from a bottle of wine to choose from the over 150 available labels, to rare vintage whiskeys, up to a ‘gastronomic’ take away dinner to bring back home for special occasions.

A unique place, always a guarantee of an experience of quality, courtesy and family warmth.

The Secret

The tasting experience does not end at the table as the restaurant’s regulars often return home with some very “precious goodies”; like a special “prosciutto” from the delicatessen counter or the packet of Vittorio’s biscuits, inspired by the traditional Sbrisolona cake and made with a ‘secret’ ingredient. And, as Claudio tells us, it could even happen that you would go out with a tin of rare snails!

Useful Info

La Bottega di Vittorio
Via Giovan Battista 29
25128 Brescia
Tel. +39 030 2010822

Starters and first courses: 15 — 22 euro
Second courses: 21 — 23 euro
Desserts: 7 — 10 euro

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