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Galleria Vik Milano (MI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Galleria Vik Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In Milan, a fun and provocative 5-star hotel, both a museum and an art gallery, the only hotel in the city to offer the incredible experience of sleeping overlooking the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The Art Hotel reflects the personality of its patrons of arts, Alexander Vik and his wife Carrie, the former being a Norwegian-born entrepreneur who is famous for his cinematic life: a degree from Harvard, avalanche survivor following an extreme skiing session in Canada, owner of a chain of luxury retreats in Uruguay and Chile where, in an 11 thousand acre vineyard, he is trying to produce the best wine in the world and, being a passionate collector, founder of various art galleries between NY and Monte Carlo.

Galleria Vik Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

I love to create beautiful things, whether it’s a room, a wine or a new company.

(Alexander Vik, founder)

Alexander, with the support of a team of art-advisors, wanted each room and space to be decorated differently, so today over 90 artists from all over the world have enjoyed embellishing the eclectic hotel (the name of each of them is written on the room door that they have “signed”), certainly one of the most original in the world.

In the lobby, which is accessed from via Silvio Pellico, guests are welcomed by a gigantic reproduction of Le Penseur by Auguste Rodin and frescoes by the Milanese artist Alex Folla, while going up to the first floor, where V Bart and Restaurart are located, await us many other works of art that change over time, always offering new suggestions.

Galleria Vik Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Galleria Vik Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Like the pop girls of the Japanese Tomoko Nagao, the irreverent ceramics of the Milanese Francesco De Molfetta, the black and white photos of the Polish Szymon Brodziak, the richly decorated fairy-tale works by Nina Surel and the collages of the mysterious Felipe Cardeña that make the hotel a gigantic dream installation.

Among the 89 rooms, the 524, called the Vik Presidential Suite, with its living room overlooking the Galleria and the bedroom Piazza della Scala, thus allowing guests to enjoy two of the most iconic views of Milan at the same time, and the Palace Rooms, especially the elegant 208 decorated by Mario Schifano, definitely stand out.

Galleria Vik Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

The V Bart and Restaurart, which offer a wonderful view of the Galleria, the Salotto di Milano, are informal and fun, designed to be welcoming at all hours of the day, whether for a drink or a business meeting.
They are the realm of the executive chef Néstor Rodrigo Hernandez who, in addition to the great classics of international cuisine, pay homage to his Colombian origins with original dishes such as his Black cod in Ajiaco style with platano and corn and the Bar Manager Eros Altavela, with experience from Gordon Ramsay in London, who reinvents classic cocktails with surprising ingredients such as his Americano based on Lambrusco, infused Dammann Rooibos Cederberg, Peychaud Bitter and Maraschino liqueur or the original Sex in the Cinema served on a popcorn box based on Rum Ambré Agricole J.Bally, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, cashew milk homemade by him, pineapple juice and popcorn syrup.

The Secret

Room 210, one of the most Instagrammed in the world overlooking the Gallery, is a real art gallery that hosts ever-changing exhibitions and can also be booked for private events or used as a showroom.

Useful Info

Galleria Vik Milano
Via Silvio Pellico 8
20121 Milano
Tel. +39 02 89058297

First Courses: 18 — 25 euro
Second courses: 30 — 35 euro
Business lunch: 33 euro all included
Cocktails: from 16 euro
Rooms: from 350 euro

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