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Fiuri (MI)

by Stefanella Ebhardt
Fiuri (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In the Isola neighborhood of Milan, a small "coffee&flowers" café with a vintage flavor where Laura prepares, with the same love, fragrant bouquets and delicious coffees.

Fiuri welcomes you with the sound of an old record player and the scent of coffee served with ‘grandmother’ porcelain. It is one of those magic joints with the charm of a neighborhood bar, like those places typical of the Mediterranean old town centers where you can go during the day to have a chat with someone who has known you forever.

The owners, Laura and Fernando, a couple in work and in life, in fact, moved to Milan from a little Calabrian town in the early 2000s to study and, right here, they decided to make their dream come true based on the idea of Flowers and Coffee.

Fiuri (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Fiuri (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

When I come to the shop in the morning and open the shutter, for me it’s not starting work, it’s like going home.

(Laura, owner)

Laura and Fernando know all the inhabitants of Isola by name and know exactly what to serve them (get me the usual!), inviting them to have a chat about the latest news in the neighborhood at the counter of the original 1950s kitchen recovered from an old Milanese apartment.

Those who enter by chance, attracted by the welcoming atmosphere, are accompanied to the mezzanine upstairs next to the workshop where the flower bouquets are made. Here, the small marble tables resting on the structures of old sewing machines are perfect for those looking for a quiet refuge to work, read a book, and drink a hot chocolate with homemade biscuits.

Fiuri (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Fiuri’s excellence is made up of good ingredients, but, above all, is the quality of the relationship with guests the “secret” that really makes the difference. Flowers, coffee, pastries, music, and many smiles are never lacking in the small café.

Over the years the business has grown and, given its success, the Fiuri shop online was born, allowing a very handy home delivery. You can choose floral arrangements for parties, decorative elements for terraces, wonderful plants and aromatic herbs, as well as subscribe to the weekly bouquet: a brilliant idea increasingly loved by more Milanese thanks to Laura’s taste which started a virtuous word of mouth.

Fiuri (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

And for a special thought? You can order the Flower Breakfast, for a treat or to give to those we love, consisting of a good coffee, delicious croissants and a small and colorful bouquet of flowers.

If you stop by Fiuri, you will be offered a coffee even before entering, invited by that magical phrase ‘Good morning, coffee?’ which warms the heart and immediately puts you in a good mood.

Fiuri (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Those looking for a flower shop will surely want to sit down for a sweet break and those who come in for a coffee will not be able to leave without having bought a plant or a flower. What is certain is that you will always feel like coming back to Fiuri.

The Secret

There is just one table on the ground floor of Fiuri, as you enter the café on the left under the wall of fresh flowers of the day. Regulars call it the friendship table: two seats, facing each other, where many local residents have made friends and exchanged confidences while reading the newspapers made available to guests.

Useful Info

Via Cola Montano 24
20159 Milano
Tel. +39 345 7665737

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