Figli dei Fiori (CO)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Figli dei Fiori (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

Housed in an antique 1920s greenhouse, a world dedicated to flowers, beauty and good food homemade just as it should, with love and fine cooking techniques.

Figli dei Fiori was born in Como from the meeting between the homonymous concept store that deals with garden and floral design and Giorgio Maffei, a life dedicated to high-level catering. From their magical union, the Bistrot was born in 2017, the Osteria in 2019, the latest addition located just in the same street, as well as the coolest wedding parties on Lake Como, such as the one organized for John Legend.

For his Bistrot, Giorgio has made his personal dream of culinary paradise come true, looking for the best of everything. Starting from the location, an ancient greenhouse from the 1920s which is romantically located right under the fascinating bridge of the old railway which, until 1966, when the new one was built, connected Como San Giovanni to the lake.

Figli dei Fiori (CO) — Lombardia Secrets
Figli dei Fiori (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

We work to give the best to our customers: as an environment, products, cooking and beauty of the experience as a whole.

(Giorgio Maffei, owner)

The furniture is an industrial and bohemian mix, including concrete walls, original iron and glass partitions from the old greenhouse, objects and bric-à-brac purchased in flea markets and at the Maison & Object fair in Paris. Everywhere, of course, wonderful flowers and plants are an integral part of the decor.

In the kitchen, chef Gianni Tancredi, a magician of flavors, offers regional specialties reinterpreted in a modern and “flowery” way, thanks to edible flowers, as well as meat dishes that observe innovative food preparation techniques. Giorgio cares, in fact, not only in the quality of the raw material, but above all in ensuring perfect and healthy cooking for his customers.

Figli dei Fiori (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

Figli dei Fiori is the first restaurant in Italy to use a special Cuban mangrove charcoal oven, wood that does not generate soot or harmful fumes, giving the meat a very particular aroma. Even the BBQ is particularly cared for, thanks to a special charcoal that wraps the preparations making them cook slowly to make their flavor uniform.

Among the must-try, we find, for example, the pork ribs that are put “asleep” in the oven all night, then vacuum-marinated with BBQ sauce and aromatic herbs, to finally been placed in the fridge for two days before being put back on the grill for final cooking.
In addition to the meats, among the other signature dishes of the restaurant, the flowery salad made with edible flowers and raw vegetables, the pasta alla Carbonara “sbagliata” with Chorizo de Bellota and Mahòn cheese from Menorca, and eggplant Parmigiana.

Figli dei Fiori (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

The wine cellar is well stocked, with over 240 references, and the list of original cocktails is also excellent, all carefully selected by the restaurant manager Giuseppe Conconi.

The nearby Osteria observes the same philosophy, in an environment decorated with floral motifs on the walls and spectacular arched brass lights, but with a different food concept based on sharing. More informal than the bistro, the menu is, in fact, designed to be enjoyed by tasting different courses, such as cold cuts and cheese platters, spit roasted meat and baked pasta.

The Secret

Among the dishes always on the menu we find the extraordinary grilled chicken wings, Giorgio’s favorite recipe as it reminds him of happy Sunday family lunches. Unusual meats for a banquet, he had never offered them in his refined catering works, until he opened his restaurant, allowing him to put them on the menu. Slowly cooked and marinated in Dijon mustard, Provence herbs and Acacia honey, they are truly delicious!

Useful Info

Figli dei Fiori
Via Borgovico 39/A
22100 Como
Tel. +39 031 571077

Starters: 14 — 16 euro
First courses: 10 — 16 euro
Second courses: 14 — 29 euro
Cocktails: from 8 euro

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