Trattoria d’Ambrosio da Giuliana (BG)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Trattoria d’Ambrosio da Giuliana (BG) — Lombardia Secrets

The most famous hostess of Bergamo has been pampering her guests for over 50 years, welcoming them into the "fabulous world of Giuliana", strictly in the name of a smile.

In Bergamo, everyone knows Giuliana, a personality so charismatic and bon vivant that she managed to create a real enchanted world around her, making her restaurant one of the most famous cultural salons in Italy.

The history of the restaurant begins in 1943 when her parents, Antonio and Anna, take over what was a simple inn and transform it into a trattoria with a bowling alley, soon becoming the reference point of the neighborhood. For Giuliana it is simply “home” and it is, therefore, natural for her to continue the family tradition, taking over the restaurant that soon becomes known as “Da Giuliana”.

Trattoria d’Ambrosio da Giuliana (BG) — Lombardia Secrets

The trattoria is my home and I like to treat each guest like a dear friend who comes to visit me.

(Giuliana d’Ambrosio, hostess)

The interiors have remained those of the past enriched by the many collections of Giuliana, from the legendary hats and headbands that she shows off in pendant with her extravagant clothes, to the hens, up to her Madonnine, to which she is so devoted, and to her other faith, the one for the Atalanta soccer team from Bergamo, of which it is a lucky charm, loved by all its players.

The real wonder of the place is the garden because it is here that Giuliana’s love for collecting and going to flea markets really gives its best. Among the alcoves obtained from ancient greenhouses, wrought iron decorations, even a gazebo from the old San Siro stadium, there are fantastic objects such as railway station signs, animals of every shape and color, garden gnomes, cages and resin statues of the pop divas of cinema. Here, at every lunch and dinner, the party is renewed because Giuliana and her collaborators always reserve a smile or a joke for everyone, creating a wonderful convivial spirit.

Trattoria d’Ambrosio da Giuliana (BG) — Lombardia Secrets
Trattoria d’Ambrosio da Giuliana (BG) — Lombardia Secrets

The dishes are those of the Bergamo tradition and family recipes, such as the roast of veal tail with polenta, which Giuliana has been preparing just the same for 40 years, the casoncelli (filled pasta), the speck rolls stuffed with grated smoked cheese and her legendary tiramisù.

As a true hostess, Giuliana knows the art of making every customer feel at home from the very first moment, that magic that few locals manage to keep unchanged over time and which is perhaps the secret of the affection that her varied clientele shows her. Entertainment figures, footballers, artists, but also students and pensioners from the neighborhood populate her restaurant every day, making it a true masterpiece of life and conviviality.

The Secret

Giuliana’s life is all a secret! Bowls champion, Miss Italia finalist, a sports career between car and ski races, a passion for Coco Chanel and a truly huge heart that is divided between her passions, her beloved clientele and charity events.

Useful Info

Trattoria d’Ambrosio
Via Broseta 58
24128 Bergamo
Tel. +39 035 402926

Dinner menu: 1 dish 22 euros, 2 dishes 25 euros with water, 1/4 l. of house wine, coffee and dessert included
Lunch menu: first course only 10 euros, first and second courses 12 euros, with water, 1/4 l. of house wine and coffee included.

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