Cascina Lago Scuro (CR)

by Elena Dagani
Cascina Lago Scuro (CR) — Lombardia Secrets

At the gates of Cremona, an ancient 17th-century farmhouse with beautiful embattled architecture that the Grasselli family, owners since 1700, brought back to life according to the rhythms of nature and organic farming, just like in the past.

It was in the 90s that Fabio and Paola Grasselli decided to move to this magnificent rural residence, one of the oldest in Lombardy, and to resume all the activities that had characterized it until the 1950s: the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, the breeding of chickens and cattle, the production of cheeses and that “court life”, made up of festivals and rituals linked to the rhythm of the seasons, which makes this place so unique and special.

Today, with the passionate guidance of Luca, Fabio’s son, and Federica, the Cascina has become a real “village” which includes a certified organic farm since 1993, a restaurant, a dairy, and an agri-nursery. An enchanted world that tells us about its over 400 years of history through the frescoed vaulted rooms of the main villa and a magnificent park populated by oaks, magnolias and a cedar of Lebanon that is over 2 centuries old.

Cascina Lago Scuro (CR) — Lombardia Secrets
Cascina Lago Scuro (CR) — Lombardia Secrets

Our family’s dream is to revive the rural tradition of the farmhouses of the past, producing in full what we consume and that we love to share with our guests.

(Luca, owner and farmer)

The restaurant, family-run and open only on Saturday evenings and Sundays for lunch or for special events, respect a philosophy that focuses on respect for nature and the people who live there, offering a fixed tasting menu based exclusively on what is produced in the Cascina according to the seasons. In addition to the vegetable garden, in fact, since 1998, alpine brown cows, which produce milk for the dairy, and “Livornese” hens famous for the characteristic white eggs are bred in the farm. An organic Triticum monococcum (Einkorn) is also cultivated to make an excellent sourdough bread, exquisite in the versions enriched with pumpkin and poppy seeds.

It is with these raw materials that a different menu is created every day made up of traditional dishes, such as sfogliatina (puff pastry) with herbs or beef carbonara, but also younger and more creative recipes, such as Creole chicken and cheesecake.
Excellent the choice of wines which, as for cheeses, reflects Luca’s passion for France and natural labels.

Cascina Lago Scuro (CR) — Lombardia Secrets

Depending on the season, the Cascina offers many ways to “live it”: in winter you can eat under the suggestive frescoed rooms, in summer in the lovely park, or under the portico overlooking what were once the houses of the peasants, up to in the neo-Gothic courtyard. Calling in advance, you may be lucky enough to book in conjunction with an event, when Luca and Federica decorate the garden with hundreds of strings of lights and the atmosphere becomes truly magical.

An absolutely must-do experience, do not miss to visit the stables, the dairy and the magnificent “cellar” of cheeses, to savor all the taste of Italian ancient rural traditions.

The Secret

Cascina Lago Scuro is very renowned for its cheeses, so much so that it also supplies various starred restaurants; not to be missed the hand-spun mozzarella, the caciotta, the provola and the yoghurts that can also be purchased at the internal store.

Useful Info

Cascina Lago Scuro
Via Pagliari 54
26049 Stagno Lombardo, Cremona,
Tel. +39 0372 57487

Set menu from 30 euros excluding wines, it can vary according to the theme nights (it is advisable to call or check the FB page for updates)

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