Càmp di Cènt Pertigh (MB)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Càmp di Cènt Pertigh (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

In Carate Brianza, an ancient 17th-century convent was beautifully renovated by architect and interior designer Lorella Damiani who was inspired by the Brianza tradition to create a magical tale of taste and beauty.

It was the 90s and, in search of a farmhouse to renovate, Lorella’s heart stops in an old semi-abandoned property that retains the features of a medieval Lombard court where one expects to glimpse a princess conversing with her prince on horseback.

She decides to buy it and, after 4 years of completely conservative restructuring, in 1998 Càmp di Cènt Pertigh opens. The name, in Brianza dialect, is inspired by an ancient legend of the place that tells of a “field large one hundred perches” bequeathed to the Church as long as a charity organization was built there. It seems that the Church, fearing that it would have cost too much to satisfy the will of the elderly donor, played on the ambiguity of the will, which did not specify where the camp was, and so nothing was ever built. Where is the “càmp di cènt pertigh” in fact no one has ever known, but since the land on which the restaurant stands is just a hundred perches, why not dreaming about it?

Càmp di Cènt Pertigh (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Càmp di Cènt Pertigh (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

L’amur nöf el va el vègn, l’amur vècc el se mantègn.
New love comes and goes, old love is maintained.

(Brianza’s saying)

A bit, therefore, like Neverland, Lorella began to give shape to her dream by transforming the barn of the former convent into a large hall for events, the courtyard with a central lawn into a living room en plein air, the stables in intimate rooms where you eat in winter, while in summer you can have lunch or dinner in the suggestive wrought iron gazebo that was built in the center of the well-kept garden warmed up by a thousand candles and lights.

Constantly enriched over the years with new details, every corner of Càmp di Cènt Pertigh is a masterpiece of shabby chic decor and craftsmanship that Lorella, attentive hostess, has set up by restoring objects and utensils that she found on site as well as adding many unique antiques and art-works that she finds in markets and shops around the world.

Càmp di Cènt Pertigh (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

Everything is designed to be consistent with the history of the place, including the mise en place made up of pewter placemats, napkins in raw linen fabric and handmade glasses. Some of the objects part of the set-up and many others, such as small bijoux, textiles and cushions, can be purchased in the Bottega del Càmp, a project that is constantly in the making, much loved by Lorella’s loyal clientele.

The cuisine is inspired by the Lombard tradition revisited to meet lighter and more contemporary tastes with proposals such as Càmp’s local cured meats, yellow risotto with luganega sausage in parmesan wafer, egg garganelli pasta with rabbit ragout and vegetables, lamb loins in porchetta, stewed artichokes, potato mousse with olives in mulled wine and many homemade desserts.

Càmp di Cènt Pertigh (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Càmp di Cènt Pertigh (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

The care of the raw material also enhances the territory, preferring the use of short-chain products and in particular of breeders and farms that use natural and sustainable methods in production.

A dream made of uncontaminated nature, peace and a lot of beauty just 30 minutes away from Milan.

The Secret

During the conservative restoration, everything was orchestrated to restore the rooms to their original seventeenth-century splendor. Unfortunately, unable to recover the ancient floor, the gray stones that make up the current one were purchased new and then broken at the edges one by one to recreate the “ancient” effect.

Useful Info

Càmp di Cènt Pertigh
V.le Trento e Trieste 63
20841 Carate Brianza, Monza
Tel. +39 0362 900331

Starters: 16,50 — 21 euro
First courses: 16,50 — 19 euro
Second courses: 22 — 36 euro

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