Amaro Pratum Biologico

A tribute to nature that smells of pristine mountain meadows

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Pratum, the organic amaro from Bonaventura Maschio — Lombardia Secrets

For the first time, the Bonaventura Maschio distillery, with 100 years of history now in its fifth generation, debuts with an amaro obtained from botanicals certified 100% organic in origin and processing.

To do this, Bonaventura Maschio worked on a very secret recipe that could enclose all the flavor of a late summer mountain meadow inside a bottle, including hints of freshly mown hay and fragrant aromatic herbs.

In fact, inside the bouquet of Amaro Pratum Biologico we find the unmistakable note of chamomile, thyme and mint leaves, with a strong bitter finish obtained thanks to the infusion of gentian root, dandelion, plantain, milk thistle, sage and orange.

Pratum, the organic amaro from Bonaventura Maschio — Lombardia Secrets
Pratum, the organic amaro from Bonaventura Maschio — Lombardia Secrets

We wanted to leave the botanicals free to express themselves in all their nuances, to achieve maximum aromatic complexity and respect for the raw materials.

(Anna and Andrea Maschio)

A fresh and balsamic formula that reflects the values of the Maschio family, which has always been a promoter of sustainability inside and outside the distillery.

The cultivation of medicinal herbs is an ancient tradition born in the Middle Ages in monasteries, at the time centers of culture and dissemination of medicinal and gastronomic knowledge. They were planted inside their gardens, the horto conclusus as they were called, divided into orchards (pomaria), tree-lined areas (viridaria) and herbariums (herbaria). The Pratum label is in fact inspired by the medieval “herbarium”, illustrated with drawings of all the medicinal herbs that compose the drink.

Pratum, the organic amaro from Bonaventura Maschio — Lombardia Secrets
Pratum, the organic amaro from Bonaventura Maschio — Lombardia Secrets

Sharing the same respect for nature and raw materials, one of the temples of “good drinking” where you can taste Amaro Pratum Biologico is Horto Restaurant in Milan, an international model of synergy between cuisine and territory. Created in collaboration with the South Tyrolean chef Norbert Niederkofler, head of culinary strategy, with Alberto Toè as head chef, it promotes the local dimension through the selection of seasonal raw materials and the involvement of the ‘Lombard vegetable gardens’.

Precisely to enhance this philosophy, the bar manager of Horto, the mixologist Ivan Patruno, created Spritz Horto, based on Amaro Pratum Biologoco, Italicus Rosolio of Bergamotto, Prosecco and Soda, perfect to be tasted at sunset on the wonderful terrace of the restaurant with a view on Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the spires of the Milan Cathedral.

Pratum, the organic amaro from Bonaventura Maschio — Lombardia Secrets

The history of Bonaventura Maschio is studded with many special distillates, from Prime Uve, the gem of its production, to gin and many other types of grappa and liqueurs.
Their adventure began at the end of the 19th century in Cismon del Grappa between the banks of the Brenta river and the peaks of Monte Grappa and then moved to the Piave area, in Gaiarine, where the company is still based.

Today Anna and Andrea Maschio continue the family tradition, which they have enriched with a company museum and innovative projects characterized by contemporary gourmet notes that translate into ever-new recipes and collaborations of haute cuisine and mixology.

The Secret

In the company museum of Bonaventura Maschio, located at the Gaiarine production site, in addition to seeing the distillation room with the copper steam stills and the barrique cellar where the distillates rest in barrels, you can also admire the historical distillation wagon, an ancient work tool, very similar to the one that started the entrepreneurial history of the family.

Useful Info

Bonaventura Maschio
It is possible to taste Amaro Pratum Biologico in the best bars and restaurants or buy it in selected wine shops and on the distillery e-store

Horto Restaurant
The panoramic rooftop aperitif can be booked from the above website

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