A primacy entirely Lombard

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Caviar, a Lombard primacy — Lombardia Secrets

From black gold to white sturgeon, to the discovery of the most expensive food in the world, preferred by popes and tsars.

Caviar, from the Turkish “havyar”, is obtained from the eggs of sturgeon, a fish that can live in both fresh and salt water, defined as a “living fossil” as it was already present on earth over 200 million years ago and today on the verge of extinction.

It seems that this food was already appreciated in ancient times, which later became famous in the chronicles of the Renaissance where it was the protagonist in banquets of popes, dukes and tsars. The most renowned species are Sevruga, Beluga and Ossetra or Ossietra and the eggs are more valuable the older the animal (females take 10 years to mature the eggs), as well as being evaluated on the basis of size, color, texture, perfume.
To give an example, among the most expensive caviars in the world we can mention the Iranian Almas: $ 25,000 per kilo and a 24-karat gold container for the must-have of the moment, the white sturgeon eggs.

Today Italy is the first European producer of caviar and, internationally, the second after China. But the real record is entirely Lombard: in fact, it is here that the largest producer in the world is located.
A primacy that is certainly due to the natural resources of an area characterized by pure and warm waters that represent the perfect habitat for the sturgeon.

Caviar, a Lombard primacy — Lombardia Secrets

Let’s see which are some of the caviar producers used by the best restaurants in the world.

Agroittica Lombarda, world leader, was born in Calvisano, a town near Brescia located in an area rich in spring waters. The Calvisius brand works with the most renowned qualities of caviar, such as Tradition, Beluga and Siberian, and has earned a place of honor in the starred restaurants of half of Italy.

The Italian Caviar srl originated in the Ticino Park and with Ars Italica it produces the Da Vinci, Oscietra and Sevruga varieties including the famous caviar 24K – 999.9 made from white sterlet sturgeon eggs, a rarity originally from Volga, Ural, Danube and Caspian Sea which require at least 6-8 years of production cycle.

Inside the Tormo River Natural Park there is, last but not least, Salmo-Pan srl which, with the Adamas brand, produces Golden ADAMAS, another renowned top-of-the-range white caviar obtained from white sturgeons.

Why you will love it
For an important evening, the pleasure of tasting what is defined as the most expensive food in the world.

Where to taste it
Book a guided tour of Calvisius to discover all the secrets of caviar which will end with a tasting in one of the best restaurants in the area.

The perfect pairing
Spread on bread and butter accompanied by a flute of champagne or iced vodka.

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