Villa Làrio (CO)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Villa Làrio (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

Perched on the cliffs of Pognana, the resort combines the romantic drama of the deepest lake in Italy with the charm of the Dolce Vita of its shores dotted with villas and wonderful gardens.

Exclusive boutique property located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Villa Làrio consists of four different villas immersed in 2 acres of a centuries-old park: The Palazzo, dating back to the 19th century once owned by the famous Lombardi family of Milan, Villa Bianca, The Pavilion and The Garden Suite, which house a total of 18 suites of various sizes, a restaurant, two lounge bars, a 20-meter infinity pool and a private dock for mooring boats.

Villa Làrio was born from the dream of the current owners who, over 10 years ago, fell in love with this then abandoned villa (the Palazzo) and, after buying it, began a “crazy” and passionate conservative renovation that lasted 8 years and was completed in total harmony with the surrounding nature and the history of the place. “Crazy” as to connect the various structures of the property, spread over more than 200 meters in altitude, a daring panoramic lift was built, invisible both from the lake and the road so as not to affect the landscape.

Villa Làrio (CO) — Lombardia Secrets
Villa Làrio (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

There is something magical in this part of the lake, it is its living energy that we invite our guests to discover through unique experiences such as an aperitif on a boat at sunset.


Flore Pilzer, Communications Director

The result is a masterpiece with details of immense refinement that has seen the use of the best local craftsmen. Suffice it to mention the precious Venetian floors, the ancient stone fireplace in the central living room or the colors chosen to reflect the thousand colors, from teal to blue, that the deep waters of the lake take on during the different hours of the day.

In contrast to the original decorations, a two-floor iron-glass structure has been designed to create a play of transparencies and lights between the ancient rooms and the surrounding nature, giving great contemporaneity to the elegant nineteenth-century lines of the villa.

Villa Làrio (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

The beauty of the wild nature typical of Lake Como is interspersed with the respectful hand of man exclusively with regard to the care of the magnificent old trees, such as the beautiful cedars, the flowering hedges, and the many works of art located on the property. Like what has become the symbol of Villa Làrio: positioned next to the panoramic swimming pool, the large bronze sculpture Le temps qui passe, the work of the French artist Nathalie Decoster, symbolizes the time that flows pleasantly slow in this corner of the world.

Very famous, as Villa Làrio is the only property on the lake with a view of the sunset, the panoramic restaurant and the two bar areas, located respectively in the garden in front of Villa Bianca and in front of the Palazzo with a view of the private pier, are also open to non-guests of the structure for a romantic dinner or an aperitif with a view.

Villa Làrio (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

The restaurant, led by the chef Davide Maci, offers a menu with a very original format: every season the dishes are based, in fact, on five ingredients typical of the Italian tradition. For example, the new summer menu sees as protagonists the San Marzano Tomato, the Eggplant, the Burrata del Cilento and other Made in Italy excellences that give life to healthy and tasty dishes that can be ordered in full portion, half portion to taste them all, or proposed in a vertical tasting consisting only of recipes based on a certain ingredient, such as Burrata.

Villa Làrio is truly unique on Lake Como both for the beauty of nature that surrounds it, dotted with romantic green paths and breathtaking views, and for the impeccable services offered, such as morning yoga sessions in the park, or the organization of beautiful experiences to do on the lake, such as setting out by boat to discover its quaint villages accompanied by a gourmet picnic basket prepared by the chef himself.

The Secret

The basement of the building hides a secret: a shed carved into the rock where three magnificent vintage wooden boats are kept, which can also be used by guests for romantic trips on the lake, built in the most famous shipyards in the area: Tullio Abbate, A. Mostes and Ernesto Riva.
The must-do tour? In Laglio, right in front of the resort, where you can find Villa Oleandra, owned by George Clooney, to stop and eat at the legendary Da Luciano.

Useful Info

Villa Làrio
Via Giacomo Matteotti 34
22020 Pognana Lario, Como
Tel. +39 031 5375064

Main courses: 14 — 32 euro (half portions are also available)
Desserts: 10 — 12 euro

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