Morelli Milano @ Hotel VIU Milan (MI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Morelli Milano @ Hotel VIU Milan (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Morelli Milano, inside the 5-star Hotel VIU, is the “second home” of chef Giancarlo Morelli who here has created a world that combines traditional cuisine with international influences, in particular those from the Peruvian culture.

After having traveled the world at a very young age, from California to France to the court of important chefs, in 1993 chef Morelli opened the Pomiroeu restaurant in the heart of Brianza in Seregno and in 2009 he received his first Michelin star. This is only the beginning of many international awards.

Charismatic, eclectic, visionary, it is no coincidence that in 2017 he chose the Chinatown district for his Milan restaurant (a bet at that time, now one of the most vibrant areas of the city). And as is the tradition of second homes, Ristorante Morelli, on the ground floor of the 5-star Hotel VIU Milan, is beautiful, fun, and it speaks of nature.

The one created by Morelli is a real world that consists, besides the restaurant, of a bistro bar, Bulk Mixology Food & Bar, a New York-style space characterized by a huge open kitchen and a mixology lounge, perfect for sipping an aperitif or a cocktail before or after dinner. The outdoor area is also beautiful, furnished as if you were in the garden of a Miami house.

Morelli Milano @ Hotel VIU Milan (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Morelli Milano @ Hotel VIU Milan (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

For me cooking is not just making a dish, but it is the essence of life itself, a compendium of all the experiences that, over time, change you as a man.

(Giancarlo Morelli)

A little further on, there is the restaurant, divided into two areas: an elegant room decorated with floral frescoes, made with a particular technique designed by the San Patrignano Community, and dark wood paneling, and the kitchen, the realm of the chef and his young brigade.

Morelli is famous for being among the first cooks to have brought to Europe methodologies and flavors of various cultures and ethnicities, in particular the Peruvian one. In fact, in the chef’s cuisine, two souls coexist: the one rooted in tradition – not surprisingly when asked which dish represents him most he mentions polenta and rabbit, a recipe from his mum Rosa – and that of research that draws on his many international experiences.

Morelli Milano @ Hotel VIU Milan (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Thus, trip after (exotic) trip, techniques such as cooking by concentration or marinating, which require little fat in the face of a lot of taste, and “poor” but high-quality ingredients such as charrapita, an Amazonian pepper, rocota or quinoa have since become part of his daily life in the kitchen.

On the menu, we find the great classics of the chef, such as Robiola rice, chicken soup with whipped saffron, persimmon, raisins, or the Milanese cutlet, as well as new creations such as grilled artichoke with artichoke cream, lovage (mountain celery), or the cod with potato mousse, chopped tomato confit, dried tomato, caper powder and crusco pepper.

Morelli Milano @ Hotel VIU Milan (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

And if you really want to have fun, the restaurant’s kitchen holds a secret: the chef table, which Morelli calls “his friends table”, where guests can truly feel as if they are in the chef’s home. The rustic wooden table is, in fact, flanked by a cupboard that looks like that of your grandma and by a record player where it is possible to play the vinyls from the personal collection of Giancarlo, a great music lover. A truly magical experience to see the brigade at work, learn the secrets of each dish and enjoy a unique culinary trip.

Chef Morelli is also known for his “creations” outside the kitchen like his line of glasses, with a square and a round lens, which can be seen and bought in the hotel lobby, together with other cool products.

So take your time, as the Morelli world inside the Hotel VIU Milan is certainly one to savor calmly, just consider that the rooftop pool on the top floor of the building is the most beautiful in Milan.

The Secret

The chef is known among fans of his kitchen for always leaving an extra chair at each table, to give him the opportunity to sit with his guests and chat. For him, the homage to tradition also passes through the elegance of etiquette and a fun conviviality.

Useful Info

Morelli Milano
Via Aristotile Fioravanti 4
20154 Milano
Tel. +39 02 80010918

Tasting menu: 5 courses 130 euro, 7 courses 160 euro, wine pairing 65 euro
Chef table: open only in the evening with 5-course tasting menu at the discretion of the chef 150 euro

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