Langosteria Bistrot (MI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Langosteria Bistrot (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

A cult brand that has revolutionized the world of the Milanese restaurants, both for the extraordinary quality of its fish cuisine and for a magical atmosphere that has no equal.

Langosteria is synonymous with excellence, in everything.
It was born from the dream of Enrico Buonocore, entrepreneur by chance, genius for DNA, restaurateur by passion, who, after years of apprenticeship in clubs, travels around the world and the positive experience in the management of Caffè Savona, decided to take another ambitious step forward: creating “the” perfect restaurant.

Thus, in 2007, again in via Savona, Langosteria opened, a name designed to be unique and distinctive that comes to life from the union of Enrico’s favorite food, langoustine (scampi) and the word osteria. In 2012, with the idea of also offering a more informal alternative to its loyal clientele, Langosteria Bistrot was born in nearby Via Privata Bobbio.

Langosteria Bistrot (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Langosteria Bistrot (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

We are constantly looking for excellence and perfection. It takes talent to recognize talent in others.

(Enrico Buonocore, founder)

As in the “flagship” restaurant, even at the Bistrot everything is designed to be perfect: from the distance between the tables, not too short to be listened to, but sufficient to create a sexy intimate party atmosphere, to a friendly service, yet formally impeccable, that makes every guest feel unique and special, from the music up, of course, to raw materials of the highest quality.

The menu is entirely of fish, simply the best you can find…in the world. From sea bass to black groupers from Galicia, where the group also has its own fishing boats, to cuttlefish and octopus from Santo Spirito in Bari, from Sicilian prawns to lobsters and shrimps from Puglia and the Island of Elba. And to always and only have the top, Langosteria has partnered with Micucci & Balzari, the best fish supplier in the Milan fish market.

Langosteria Bistrot (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In the kitchen, Corporate Executive Chef Domenico Soranno, known to everyone as Mimmo, proposes traditional recipes, flanked by more innovative proposals and a wide selection of raw fish, oysters and coquillage. Dishes that have a maximum of 3 or 4 ingredients, because, according to the philosophy of Langosteria, perfection is obtained only by simplifying.
Mimmo, a brilliant innate talent, has dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of excellence, leaving nothing to chance. To realize this, just attend the daily briefs with his brigade, when he acts as a theater director giving directions to his artists before “going on stage”, or listen to him negotiate the supply of the better fish as it was, every time, a diamond trade.

The result is dishes that are perfect both for palate and sight such as, citing some of the most loved signature dishes, the King Crab alla Catalana, the Gazpacho of yellow datterino tomatoes with roasted scampi, the Toast with tuna, buffalo mozzarella and anchovies or the Langosteria Plateau of raw fish.

The wine list is very well-conceived and original, with over 200 labels both from important wineries and niche companies of the highest level, with a fantastic choice of French bubbles. The cocktail list is also remarkable.

Langosteria Bistrot (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

The interior is inspired by French bistros, extremely welcoming and well-finished. Great attention is paid to the identity of the place, translated into an original orange nuance, a tribute to the color of the shell of the crustaceans, in the refined illustrations by Elisa Macellari.
All around are objects and centerpieces that remind of the sea and the many journeys that Enrico took. In particular, the hot air balloons are present in all the premises of the group. “Magical” objects that do not need fuel and just follow the wind, they symbolize Langosteria’s trip to conquer the world, slow and unstoppable, as risky as it is romantic, testifying that Enrico, despite his many successes – today is at the head of one of the most important Italian groups in the field of haute cuisine – has not yet stopped dreaming and looking ahead.

And this is perhaps the secret of one of the most loved and naturally cool places in Milan.

The Secret

The pursuit of perfection for Langosteria really extends into every detail of its premises. Think that there is a team dedicated exclusively to cleaning the bathrooms, because everything, from the moment you enter to the final greeting, must be worthy of an unforgettable lunch or dinner.
The history and secrets of Langosteria are revealed in the book Langosteria Revolution published by Rizzoli and edited by Roberta Schira.

Useful Info

Langosteria Bistrot
Via Privata Bobbio 2
20144 Milano
Tel. +39 02 58107802

Starters: 18 — 30 euro
First courses: 26 — 40
Second courses: 25 — 50 euro

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