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It Milano (MI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
It Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

It Milano blends with absolute perfection the passion of entrepreneurs Alessio Matrone and Ferruccio De Lorenzo for good music, Mediterranean cuisine and locations with a chic and cosmopolitan vibe.

Created in Ibiza in 2015 by Alessio Matrone, the concept of the restaurant is also made explicit in the name that plays with the multiple meanings of “it”: abbreviation of Italy, pronunciation of “eat”, and the slang term for “fashionable” in English.

The venue chosen for It Milano could not but be absolutely scenic and special: opened in 2019, it is in fact located in the central via Fiori Chiari in Brera inside Palazzo della Gondrand. Built at the beginning of the 20th century by the homonymous National Transport Company, once the legendary showroom of the great designer Gianfranco Ferrè, it is today the Italian headquarters of the Kiton fashion brand.

It Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
It Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In our restaurant, guests must always feel at home, surrouded by good music, and be able to eat delicious food at any time of the day

(Ferruccio de Lorenzo and Alessio Matrone, entrepreneurs)

The large industrial spaces maintain an elegant Art Noveau allure, underlined by deco details such as the iconic Taccia lamps by Flos, the 1930s-inspired velvet seats and the many exotic plants.

One of a kind, It Milano is not only super cool, but it also offers a cuisine of the highest quality. The restaurant guide is entrusted to chef Nino Di Costanzo, already 2 Michelin stars, who offers an intelligent and versatile menu inspired by the Italian tradition and its great classics reinterpreted in an international key.
From pizza to first courses such as paccheri pasta with cacio cheese, black pepper red prawns, up to the most popular Milanese second courses such as the veal cutlet with potato lasagna or the King Crab.

It Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

It Milano is a place that adapts, in total freedom, to every mood and moment of the day: you can choose between eating something or having an aperitif at the informal bistro located at the entrance of the building, booking a table at the elegant restaurant boasting a magnificent open kitchen, while on the lower floor the lounge room, theater of the most exclusive private parties in Milan, is perfect for dining accompanied by music or having a late-night drink.

The cocktail selection is excellent, including the great classics as well as original signature ones. Like the ironic “F *** IT”, born from the collaboration between Sgrappa, the artisanal grappa with the bottle in the shape of the famous middle finger exhibited in Piazza Affari, signed by artist Maurizio Cattelan, Paolo Dalla Mora and Charley Vezzacon, based on grappa, passion fruit, lime, granulated sugar, extra virgin olive oil and egg white, or the evergreen Negroni Vintage with gin, vermouth, bitter, Barolo vermouth and mandarin bitter.

After Ibiza and Milan, It has repeated the same success also in London, Porto Cervo, Tulum and Mykonos. Its secret? It is one of those highly selected, magical places that make us feel more alive and sexier as soon as we enter the door.

The Secret

The quality of the venue’s soundtrack is underlined by the presence of a console in every area and floor of the place, where a DJ plays live non-stop tracks created especially for It Milano.

Useful Info

It Milano
Via Fiori Chiari 32
20121 Milano
Tel. +39 02 99979993

Pizza: from 12 euro
First courses: 18 — 32 euro
Second courses: 28 — 35 euro
Cocktails: from 15 euro

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