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DaV Milano by Da Vittorio (MI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
DaV Milano by Da Vittorio (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In Milan, with a unique view of the skyscrapers of City Life, DaV Milano is the new casual dining of the 3-Michelin-star Cerea family, located inside the spectacular Allianz Tower designed by Arata Isozaki.

Since 1966, the Cerea family has been synonymous of excellence in haute cuisine, a family model that started in Bergamo with dad Vittorio and which today has become a reality that boasts 8 Michelin stars with restaurants, besides the historical one in Brusaporto, in St. Moritz, Paris and Shanghai.

DaV Milano, opened in 2022, is located inside the Isozaki Tower, the tallest building in Italy for number of floors, with huge windows and a green rooftop that overlook some of the most famous skyscrapers in Milan, such as the Generali Tower and the Penthouse One11 by Zaha Hadid or the PwC Tower by Libeskind.

DaV Milano by Da Vittorio (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
DaV Milano by Da Vittorio (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

We wanted to celebrate conviviality, hence the choice of such a spectacular location, perfect for a special dinner, a cocktail or a private party.

(Francesco Cerea)

Following the success of DaV La Cantalupa in Brusaporto and DaV Mare in Portofino, the Cerea brothers, Enrico and Bobo, chef executives of the group, Francesco, responsible for global PR and the legendary Da Vittorio Wine List, and Rossella, GM of the group, have combined the convivial atmosphere with a glamorous ambiance, developed by Andrea Maffei, the architect who also designed the Allianz Tower together with Arata Isozaki.

At the outstanding entrance (the Tower can only be accessed with a reservation) we find the products of the Da Vittorio Selection, such as the Confezioni with the ingredients of DaV’s special recipes, the Bonbons and the Composte. From here, a long cherry wood boiserie with hypnotic geometric patterns leads guests to the America Bar and the main room that overlooks the urban garden with a large open kitchen.

DaV Milano by Da Vittorio (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Sharing is part of DaV’s food philosophy and, in fact, in addition to the iconic dishes, the menu also includes an original proposal called CondiviDaV made up of 9 meat, fish and veg dishes served in small portions.

However, the “Da Vittorio” lovers do not need to worry: the great classics, which have earned the historic restaurant 3 Michelin stars, are really all there; from creamed Pacchero to Elefantino with baked potatoes and candied tomatoes and, among the DolciDav, the famous Cannoncino with vanilla cream.

Also not to be missed is the Pizza & Bollicine duo, prepared in show cooking by the brigade of pizza makers with 3 different types of dough to choose from, from the Neapolitan to the Roman versions, up to the unmissable gourmet fillings, steamed and finished in a pan. And knowing that Francesco Cerea himself has chosen the wine list, expect a truly extraordinary selection of Champagnes.

DaV Milano by Da Vittorio (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
DaV Milano by Da Vittorio (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Faithful to the traditions, which in the Cerea family are always honored with a great festive mood, don’t miss Domenica come a Casa, the weekend DaV Milano appointment for a lunch like in the family with the most loved recipes such as Mondeghino alla Milanese or Polenta Uncia.

The Secret

No building in Milan can be taller than the Madonnina del Duomo. Thus, on 22 November 2015, a faithful copy of the Madunina was placed on the top of the Allianz Tower, facing the original in an auspicious way.

Useful Info

DaV Milano by Da Vittorio
Piazza Tre Torri 3
Milano (c/o Torre Allianz)
Tel. +39 02 36723830

First courses: 25 — 45 euro
Second courses: 35 — 70 euro
Pizza: from 25 euro
Cocktail: from 10 euro
Sharing menu: from 65 euro per person
Tasting menu: from 110 euro per person

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