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Cantina Bellavista Wine (BS)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Cantina Bellavista Wine (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

Discovering one of the most famous wines in the world, which has become an essential synonym of Franciacorta, and of its historic winery, between limited edition jéroboams and artists of the rémuage.

Although the genesis of its name is lost in the mists of time, amidst legends that mention Charlemagne and other Benedictine monks, the history of Franciacorta is, above all, a splendid ode to the Italian entrepreneurial spirit of the post-war period.

The birth of the homonymous denomination, in fact, originated in the 60s when various families began to invest in the cultivation of the vine. The turning point took place in 1961 by Guido Berlucchi and oenologist Franco Ziliani who suggested him to “create a traditional method in the manner of the French” which was officially recognized as DOCG in 1967.

Cantina Bellavista Wine (BS) — Lombardia Secrets
Cantina Bellavista Wine (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

We have always been guided by attention to detail, quality and striving to do our best, respecting at the same time what our land offers us.

(Moretti family)

Among the entrepreneurs who have made Franciacorta and its lifestyle great, Vittorio Moretti, now president of the Terra Moretti Group of which Bellavista is a part, is certainly one of its most famous ambassadors. Its “oenological” history began in 1975 when, thanks to the well-established business in construction, he began to invest in land, starting from repurchasing what once belonged to his family, whose traces have been lost in Franciacorta since 1400.

Making wine amuses him and in 1977, on the Bellavista hill, he founded his first, homonymous winery, continuing to acquire vineyards up to the current 198 hectares. In 1981 Moretti met the famous oenologist Mattia Vezzola whose role was to be decisive for the definition of Bellavista’s style and began to invest in culture and the art of hospitality; an enlightened vision that will lead to the opening of the famous L’Albereta Relais & Châteaux in 1993, today an essential duo with the famous bubbles, a worldwide symbol of glam and good food.

Cantina Bellavista Wine (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

The Bellavista winery, located in a panoramic position a few kilometers from the Albereta, is today led by the oenologist Francesca Moretti, one of Vittorio’s three daughters, who has been able to renew the company’s brand while maintaining a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

At the beginning of the visit, the guest is greeted by the giant Vertigine swing created by the artist Velasco Vitali in the characteristic orange color, a distinctive feature of the house’s most famous wine, the Bellavista Grande Cuvée Alma Brut. The true essence of Franciacorta, it is made with Chardonnay grapes, then Pinot Nero and a small amount of Pinot Bianco processed, from the vineyard to the bottle, exclusively by hand.

The most evocative part of the visit is certainly the “walk”, so long they are, to the historic galleries of the winery, a real dive into the history of Franciacorta where, among thousands of bottles and ancient pupitre (bottle holders), you can witness the magic of the rémuage technique. French term used to define the rotation of the bottles aimed at collecting the exhausted yeasts in the neck and eliminating them later, it is carried out by hand at an impressive speed, testifying the great passion and craftsmanship that lies behind every bottle of Bellavista.

Cantina Bellavista Wine (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

The spearhead of the Bellavista production are the Riserva Franciacorta Vittorio Moretti 2011, which draws its identity from exceptional vineyards, and the Franciacorta Meraviglioso, the name that Vittorio Moretti has chosen for his latest creation, a Franciacorta made in only 5000 magnums whose final assembly is made with part of the Vittorio Moretti reserve wines kept in the cellar, vintages 1984, 1988, 1991, 1995, 2001 and 2002 stored in large 6 and 9 liter formats, and used as a liqueur.
An unrivaled Franciacorta, capable of personally interpreting a technique used for the most exclusive Champagnes in the world.

The Secret

The unmistakable shape of the bottle that holds the Bellavista bubbles was patented in 1978 and is inspired by the traditional glass containers used to serve bulk wine in the taverns of the past.

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Guided tour with tasting of 3 wines starting from 40 euro per person

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