Lombardia Secrets

The first guide that will take you on a delicious voyage of discovery to the very best secret addresses that Lombardy has to offer. Experiential places, rooted in the history of the region, which will please both foodies and design lovers.

Places that combine a tantalizing blend of taste and beauty, hand-picked by opinion leaders and trendsetters who have chosen the finest, off-the-beaten-path activities just for you.

We review those hidden gems that allow travelers to enjoy great service, excellent products, a beautiful environment, and the joy of a smiley welcome. Places devoted to quality where unique details make the design, and the atmosphere defines a precise style.

We personally visit each place in order to evaluate if it meets our quality standards; likewise, all the pictures are exclusively taken by us in order to portrait the “experience” that each place has to offer. In order to help you chose the one that most suits you, we have divided our reviews into four categories: Design, RusticLuxury, and Unusual.

Follow us and we promise you that
Lombardy will manage to surprise you in many “secret” ways!

Founder & Editorial Director


Alice Alessandrini

Entrepreneur, she is born in Treviso where she takes her first steps in communication as a copywriter in advertising agencies. Passionate about psychology and philosophy, she is particularly interested in social networks and the dynamics with which they influence consumer behavior. She then becomes art director for digital projects, an expertise that will lead her to create her own content management agency aimed in particular at the fashion and luxury sectors. She has a decade of experience in Milan in the field of strategic marketing and social communication for various talents and brands.

Caterina was born in Treviso where she spent most of her childhood and adolescence. Driven by a strong passion for fashion, at 18 she moved to London to study Fashion Management at the University of the Arts. Over time, thanks to her many work experiences in various fields, she discovered a particular interest in marketing and above all for communication, an area in which he decides to specialize and make it her profession. In a constant search for Beauty, her passions range from fashion to design to photography. The biggest of her, however, remain two: food and Greece. She currently for in Milan for a design company.

Freelance photographer, she is specialized in interior design and food.
Born in Florence, she is currently based in Milan where she collaborates with various magazines, communication agencies, architects and interior designers, creating food and interior photo shootings mainly for social communication projects.
She loves to offer new points of view to the “readers” of her photos because being able to observe from a different angle allows us to get to know better both the people we meet and the places we visit.

Stefano Colombo

Born in 1984 to a Veronese mother and a Milanese father, he has a long experience in the field of PR marketing, communication strategies, and social media, in particular in luxury design, fashion, hotellerie, and food & beverage sectors. A great lover of international travel, markets and cultures, he pursues Beauty as a way of life, an ethical and aesthetic value of which he is an ambassador both through writing as a blogger and journalist, and as a contributor to the Secrets world.

Rebecca Foscarini

Clara Galanti

More than 10 years of experience in communication, a great passion for photography, she is an expert in content management and visual storytelling strategies for brands, institutions, and editorial projects. After a Degree in Communication in Padua and a Master in Image Promotion, she begins to travel to Europe in search of inspiration. Experiences in cinema, fashion, and design have enriched her vision, pushing her to seek an ever new point of view on things. Since 2018 she has been collaborating with the Secrets guides as a photographer and copywriter (www.claragalanti.com).

Andrea Lupi Lombardia Secrets

Born in 1990, Milanese by adoption, he defines himself as an enthusiast, of everything and nothing in particular. He loves to travel, eat and play sports. He travels with his mind, eats with his heart, and throws himself into every adventure that comes his way. He has a thousand hobbies, almost always born by chance among friends, and for each of these, he has a burning passion.
His latest discovery? Live experiences and face always different challenges, without ever getting tired of adding a new stamp to the passport, which he tells in his blog Vacanze da Lupi.

Maria Elisa Scarpa

Graduated from the Technical Tourist Institute of Venice, she has worked for many years in the sector, both in Italy and abroad, as a tour guide and event organizer; two areas that have contributed to her passion for the search for beauty, the unusual, the original. A great traveler and foodie, she loves photographing the experiences she lives, always looking for new places to discover and share through her social profiles and the Secrets world. Today she resides in Milan where she is following a course to become a sommelier.

Valentina Scarpa Bandelloni

Engineer by training, creative at heart. Born in Treviso in 1990, she moves to various cities in Italy and England, before returning to her hometown where she currently works as a Project Manager for a multinational. Globetrotter for work and a lover of discovery, her passions are travel, photography, and flavors, which lead her in search of the gastronomic and experiential excellences of the territory, bringing her in a natural way to the Secrets world.

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Christian Conte

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