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The Doping Bar (MI)

by Alessia Ceccherini
The Doping Bar (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In Porta Ticinese in Milan, inside the Aethos luxury hotel, a cocktail bar and bistro with the atmosphere of a gentlemen's club furnished with objects and statement pieces of a "true" collector.

Temple of good drinking, The Doping Bar opened in 2011 and it has “reborned” in 2021 with the arrival in Milan of Aethos, a boutique hotel with 32 suites that contains in its etymology “Ethos”, in Greek the vibrant spirit of a culture, a cosmpolitan lifestyle concept dedicated to the experience of the genius loci of traveling.

Faithful to its DNA inspired by the private sports clubs of Old England, The Doping Bar, not without a hint of English irony, plays with its name, an ode to the dark side of the sport, understood, romantically, as the legalized drugs, that good drinking that never fails in any social circle.

The Doping Bar (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

What we love about mixology is sociability, its being at the center of our anthropological experience, being able to give life to emotions and connections through a drink.

With a pinch of very British eccentricity, the various rooms that make up the place have been furnished by the first owner who, a passionate collector, has enclosed here the treasures unearthed in his travels around the world in flea markets and antique shops.

From the old painting recovered in an 1830 pharmacy, to a rare 1:18 scale model of the Titanic, from the original Louis Vuitton trunks from the late 1800s to a stuffed royal ostrich, each object at The Doping Club contains a truly unique story. As well as its cocktails.

The Doping Bar (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

The team of bartenders, all with international experience, has, in fact, created a truly unique menu. You can order a Negroni or let yourself be guided to discover the modern reinterpretation of this great classic, perhaps asking for a signature Mezcal Negroni, which replaces the gin with mezcal aged in an oak barrel.

Excellent, in addition to the cocktail list, also the selection of wines, with particular attention to natural labels, and fine spirits such as Japanese whiskeys, aged rums, single malt scotches.

The Doping Bar (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

The hotel’s foob&bev offer also includes Aethos Pizza & Bar and ZAÏA, a refined restaurant where Italy meets the Middle East.

Perfect for both an aperitif and after dinner, The Doping Bar, as well as Aethos Milan, is a constantly evolving space, a place to feel at home, to live all day.

The Secret

The international group Aethos Hotels took over the structure from the previous owner who had opened it in 2011 with the name of The Yard, a hotel born almost for fun, starting from the extension, thanks to his passion for collecting and interior decoration, of his Milanese apartment to a few suites first and then to the current 32.

Useful Info

The Doping Bar
Piazza XXIV Maggio 8
20123 Milano
Tel. +39 02 89415901

Tapas: from 8 euro
Signature cocktails: from 16 euro

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