Saint Monza (MB)

by Stefanella Ebhardt e Alessia Ceccherini
Saint Monza (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

In Monza, a fine-dining restaurant with an international flavor and an exceptional décor that "blends" with the black and white marble of the Duomo, one of the most beautiful monuments in Lombardy, overlooked by its elegant dehors, accompanying guests from coffee to after dinner.

Friendship and a shared taste for beauty are the “cocktail” from which the idea of creating a cool place with an international vibe in the heart of Monza was born. Souls of the project are two restaurant and hospitality entrepreneurs, Gabriele Viola-Boros and Stefania Aliprandi, partners in life and work, together with Jiulia Hyoun Hee Na, architect of the studio Spatial in London specialized in sustainable urban recovery projects.

It is 2018 when Gabriele and Stefania finally found the ideal location to make their dream come true and took over the spaces of a historic shop whose windows enjoy the “perfect” view of the wonderful two-tone facade of the Basilica, the symbol of the city just recently restored. Precisely to enhance this uniqueness, each external and internal element of Saint was designed to create a play of visual continuity with the monument, an extraordinary example of Italian Gothic architecture.

Saint Monza (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Saint Monza (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

The name of the restaurant is inspired by the famous film starring Val Kilmer “The Saint”, playing on the metaphor that we are all both “saints” and “sinners”…when it comes to sins of gluttony.

(Stefania Aliprandi, owner) 

Thus, in the large external dehors that welcomes customers, the motifs of the fabrics take up the black and white of the stones of the Duomo as well as every little detail is the declination of a precise pattern, the leitmotif of the location that also appears on the outdoor wooden tables.

And it is again the monument facade, which is reflected in the arched windows of Saint, that inspired the architects in designing the original three-dimensional design elements that characterize the American maple bottle holders made up of under-lit blocks that recall the candles inside the church. Geometric decorations that are also taken up in the bronzed mirroring of the internal wall on which the square and the church are reflected, as well as in the boiserie.

Saint Monza (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

The same care characterizes the furnishing choices, with excellent partners such as Miniforms for the Kvadrat fabrics, Tom Dixon for the lightning and Koncretrosa for the modeled concrete accessories. Elements that characterize also the two internal rooms of the restaurant in which the orange sofas and the pink seats stand out in contrast.

A location to be experienced all day: from lunch, perhaps based on its gourmand bites, such as the delicious Saint Toast with brioche bread, Capitelli cooked ham, toma dell’Alpe cheese and honey mustard, up to the dinner characterized by a fine dining proposal inspired by a “future tradition” philosophy.

Saint Monza (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

The restaurant, which immediately entered the Gambero Rosso guide, offers, in fact, a cuisine in which Italian tradition, where there is also no shortage of tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes, meets the most modern preparation techniques of the raw material.

On the menu, we find refined dishes that enhance the traditions of the territory while respecting sustainability, such as pacchero with ossobuco ragù or linguine with lobster and second courses of meat and fish such as beef cheek with polenta foam, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese cheese or the sea bass fillet served with vegetables and seasonal seasonings.

Saint Monza (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

The drinking list includes over 100 wine labels and an important list of spirits which also includes a special collaboration with Macallan whisky, which has chosen Saint as its only flagship store outside Milan. A complete offer that makes the venue a point of reference not only for gourmet palates but also for lovers of good drinking and artfully prepared cocktails.

And don’t miss the wonderful winter setup of Saint, also perfect for enjoying an afternoon tea served in personalized thermos and based on the premium selection of the Tea Stylist Francesca Natali, wrapped in the comfortable throws and the magic of Piazza Duomo.

While to stay updated on the cool Saint events with live DJ sets, just follow Saint’s social networks.

The Secret

Sustainability and recovery were, in addition to the Duomo, the other inspirational theme of the project. So, for instance, waste slabs were chosen for the marble and all the systems provide for the recirculation of both air and water. Furthermore, in the kitchen are used, almost exclusively, km0 products and the team believes in a Zero Waste philosophy which aims to use the ingredients in an innovative way, avoiding waste as much as possible.

Useful Info

Saint Duomo
Piazza Duomo 8
20900 Monza
Tel. +39 348 4349475

Starters: 15 19 euro
First courses: 22 — 26 euro
Second courses: 25 — 30 euro

Desserts: 10 euro
Lunch menu: 30 — 50 euro
Vegan menu: 22 — 25 euro
Cocktails: 10 — 15 euro
Bar Bites: 5 — 15 euro

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