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Officina Milano (MI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Officina Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In Milan in the Navigli area, Officina is an award-winning mixology lounge where you can relax in the evening for a good cocktail and on Sunday also for brunch.

Officina is located in a “secret” courtyard, where various mechanical and artisan workshops once stood, to which the place owes its name (officina means workshop in English), that remind us of the atmosphere of the Vecchia Milano of the 1950s.

It is 2016 and the Christian Louboutin fashion house chooses to present its SS 2017 collection in one of those fascinating industrial spaces. The temporary set-up created for the event appeals to the public to the point that Raffaello Polchi, former founder of the attached custom motorcycle workshop, and Giorgio Santambrogio, a mixologist entrepreneur, decide not to “close it”. Thus, almost by chance, Officina came to life in June of the same year, expanding into what were the imposing annexed spaces of a former car garage.

Officina Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Officina Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In our 300 m2 laboratory next to the bar we produce the alchemies that we use in our cocktails, we love to experiment to offer high quality entertainment.

(Giorgio Santambrogio, founder & bar manager)

Today the place looks like a succession of cool rooms where Raffaello’s passion for motorbikes, scattered almost everywhere, and Giorgio’s and his collaborators’ for art and modern antiques has given life to an environment that mixes the charm of bohemian ateliers with industrial design.

Thus, among the Chipperfield-style leather sofas emerge original statement pieces such as a Japanese samurai armor from the 16th century, a frame of the first Lamborghini Miura used as a chandelier, Rococo mirrors, aphorisms written in giant silver letters on the dark walls, as well as many exotic plants. A potpourri with a high aesthetic appeal that reflects the different passions and sensibilities of the many people who collaborated in the establishment of the place.

The beating heart of Officina is the large bar counter that recalls those of the era of American prohibition, the reign of Giorgio who focuses primarily on the happiness (and sustainability) of his crew because, only through their sincere smiles, he can really make the day of its clientele.

Officina Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Officina Milano (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Famous in Milan for its great research, which earned it its entry among the 100 best bars in the world according to the American The World’s 50 Best Bars, Officina offers an extensive menu of signature cocktails, great classics, spirits and soft drinks to accompany excellent finger food for those who also want to dine between drinks.

Open every day from 7 pm, Officina is the ideal place to have a drink with friends or on Sundays, from 12, to relax with the brunch buffet where there is never a shortage of meat and fish tartare, raclette and many first courses and desserts prepared by chef Mauri Alberca.

In winter you can choose whether to sit at the bar and enjoy the scene or in one of the rooms, like the one inspired by English gentlemen clubs with wooden paneling on the walls that can be privatized for small parties, while in summer you can drink in the venue’s garden decorated every year with lights and themed sets that are always different.

The Secret

The guys you see portrayed as pirates and fearless leaders in the evocative paintings hanging on the walls of Officina, only apparently antique ones, are all the boys and girls who literally created the place “by hand” out of nothing.

Useful Info

Officina Milano
Via Giovenale 7
20136 Milano
Tel. +39 392 8600000

Cocktails: from 12 euro
Brunch menu: 30 euro including a soft drink or a glass of Champagne/wine
Water, coffee, tea and juices are included

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