Il Circolino (MB)

by Alessia Ceccherini
Il Circolino (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

In the heart of Monza, a restaurant, café and cocktail bar to be enjoyed all day long, under the guidance of starred chef Claudio Sadler, inspired by the déco atmospheres of the first cultural and gaming circles of the early 1900s.

Born in 2022 with the idea of becoming a point of reference in the city for good food, good drink and conviviality, Il Circolino is a tribute to the history of the place, which until 2015 was the headquarters of the Circolo Garibaldi, but above all to the passion for their territory of 3 friends and entrepreneurs from the Brianza area.

In fact, the project comes to life thanks to the idea of Mario and Stefano Colombo, father and son respectively, founders of the Colmar brand, and Alberto Odetti, general manager, with the dream of reopening a historic location that had been closed for years, creating a cosy place where haute cuisine could merge with tradition.

Il Circolino (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Il Circolino (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

For Il Circolino we wanted to recreate a unique and familiar atmosphere, a place to be enjoyed calmly, with the same quality, at any time of the day.

(Stefano Colombo, founder)

Thus, to lead the kitchen they called a very trusted professional, and today the fourth partner of the restaurant, Claudio Sadler, President of the “Le Soste” association, 1 Michelin star, who, together with the resident chef Lorenzo Sacchi, with starred experiences in Spain, and the mixologist Filippo Sisti, has created an offer that accompanies the guest from breakfast to dinner with the same excellence.

The interior is genius. Thanks to Stefano’s passion for British sports and clubs, together with the Cierreesse design studio in Cabiate (Como), the furnishings were inspired by historic Italian clubs and those games, such as cards and chess, which are their protagonists.

Il Circolino (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

The rooms dedicated to the bar, at the entrance to the restaurant, are inspired by the elegance of the 20s and 30s with original tables decorated with the most iconic game tables, such as backgammon, and walls covered with paintings depicting French cards, while the spectacular counter recalls those of the American bars of the beginning of the century.

In the restaurant, the protagonists are the stone columns with Corinthian capitals and the masonry arches, recovered from the original context of the location, which frame the open kitchen, while the works of art by Filiberto Vago stand out on the walls, part from the “Surfaces in tension” collection, in perfect harmony with the refined velvet pop art style seats.

Il Circolino (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

The café bistro of the Circolino comes alive starting from breakfast with rigorously handcrafted sweets and small pastries and continues with an offer, from lunch to dinner, with a strong Hispanic-Brianzola soul that brings conviviality to the table by taking up the idea of tapas.

The gastronomic restaurant by Sadler, on the other hand, supports a more structured proposal: among the dishes on the menu, the great Lombard classics stand out such as the Milanese cutlet accompanied by potatoes, lemon cream and grilled lettuce, as well as more creative recipes such as Ravioli with creamed cod, red curry, mussels and bran pepper, Pigeon breast with buckwheat, sweet provolone cheese, pear and hoisin sauce or the Mackerel with spicy soused lake fish and cauliflower couscous.

And if eating out is, above all, pure fun, haute cuisine and “gourmand” gaming become refined synonyms at Il Circolino.

The Secret

In the summer, the Lounge Garden of Il Circolino opens, a green oasis of about 350 square meters, developed close to the Lambro river, unique of its kind in the city, which also houses a small garden of aromatic herbs used by the brigade in preparing the dishes.

Useful Info

Il Circolino
Via Anita Garibaldi 4
20900 Monza
Tel. +39 039 6363374

Il Circolino by Sadler
Starters: 22 — 26 euro
First courses: 24 — 26 euro
Second courses: 38 — 40 euro
Tasting menu: from 100 euro

Il Circolino Caffè e Cocktail
Cocktails: from 10 euro
Tapas: from 4 euro

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