Drogherie Milanesi (MI)

by Andrea Lupi
Drogherie Milanesi (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Combining the cool atmospheres of an international bistro and those of a neighborhood deli shop, the Drogherie enchant with their refined design, welcoming staff and fun half-portions.

Born in the premises of what in the 60s was a typical Milanese delicatessen store, from an intuition of the entrepreneur Andrea Meoni, visionary President of the Seven Group, the restaurant focuses on the quality of the raw materials and on an idea of informal conviviality typical of the Mediterranean restaurants.

Everything inside is designed to facilitate sharing and feeling “at home”: from the arrangement of the tables, starting from the central one to the bar counter (there are also single tables, so when booking, remember to specify your desire), to the retro-style uniforms of the young and smiling staff dressed up in elegant white shirt and black apron.

Drogherie Milanesi (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
Drogherie Milanesi (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Our restaurants are designed to encourage sharing, socializing and have fun together.

(Andrea Meoni, founder)

Inspired by the gourmet shops of the Milanese tradition, the interior of the restaurant is characterized by absolutely unique vintage pieces and many shelves full of products. Up for sale, they are chosen from a careful selection of the best locally-produced Italian food and wine specialties: from Voghera mustard to Acquarello rice.

The menu invites you to try and share different dishes: from tapas bar-style half portions such as Cantabrian anchovies with raspberry butter or crispy potato speck and cheese pie, up to special recipes by the Drogherie. Like the eggs cooked in cast iron by Paolo Parisi (breeder and “creator of good things” famous for his white egg hens, the Livornesi breed, naturally raised outdoors) based on courgette flowers and Parmesan cheese or potatoes and mountain fontina cheese, or the famous sourdough pizza of the Drogheria made with flour from Mulino Sobrino and Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP tomatoes.

Drogherie Milanesi (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

There are also many traditional dishes and international musts: from tonnarelli alla carbonara to various types of risotto, obviously in the first place the Milanese one, and a wide selection of meats, from cold cuts to tartare and burgers made with red meat, fish or vegetarian fillings as main courses.

The wine list is based on a selection of labels entirely produced respecting nature with particular attention to the limited use of sulfites: so an extra glass will never cause you a headache the next day! There are also many lovely craft beers to chose from.

In addition to the Conca del Naviglio eatery, the Drogherie also offers two other locations in Milan, respectively in San Marco and in Montenero.

The Secret

After dinner, just ask for the “room”, the most magical part of the place. Going down the stairs, you will find yourself in front of a wardrobe that opens with a hidden button and that will give you access to a vintage-style “games” room where you can listen to your favorite songs at the jukebox, play a game of pinball or challenge friends at table football. And do not forget to ask for a gin tonic cocktail…but ssssssshh: this is a secret!

Useful Info

Drogherie Milanesi
Via Conca del Naviglio 7
20123 Milano
Tel. +39 02 58114843

The half portions: 2,50 — 10,80 euro
Main dishes: 12,80 — 19,80 euro
Desserts: 4,80 — 6,50 euro

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