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Classico Casa Tua (BS)

by Stefanella Ebhardt e Alessia Ceccherini
Classico Casa Tua (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

In the center of Brescia, Classico Casa Tua is the new "secret" gourmet lounge, located on the first floor of the majestic historic residence which also houses the restaurant Classico, a 'must' in the city since 2016.

In Via Antonio Callegari 2, not far from the liveliest piazza in Brescia, an historic residence reveals a beautiful 17th-century courtyard, where ancient columns, coffered ceilings, stuccos and decorations surround an elegant garden, the heart of one of the most popular restaurants in the region.

It is in this magical place that the entrepreneurs Giambattista Pisa and Valentino Baronio, after having opened the restaurant Classico in 2016, have just launched on the second floor of the building, a new, innovative concept: Classico Casa Tua, a gourmet lounge open for private events or, by reservation for their special clientele, for exclusive dinners and after-dinner drinks.

Classico Casa Tua (BS) — Lombardia Secrets
Classico Casa Tua (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

Today exclusivity is made of intimate yet convivial atmospheres, of very special yet relaxed services, a place where you find the same comfort as in your living room at home, sitting with your closest friends.

(Giambattista and Valentino, owners)

Giambattista and Valentino have, in fact, transformed this ancient residence into a lounge inspired by the atmosphere of the English gentlemen’s clubs. Six different rooms designed by the interior studio of Claudia Pelizzari who mixed fabrics, objects, and lights, creating an intimate place where comfort and services are of the highest level.

The sensation is that of entering a private apartment, where you can sit at the counter of the Bar Sociale for a cocktail, and then continue with dinner in the Dining Table Room or in the Sofa Room for a more casual dinner to be shared with friends, spoiled by fine porcelain, Flanders napkins and blown glasses.

Classico Casa Tua (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

The apartment also hides a Secret Room hidden behind an 18th-century wardrobe which opens onto a refined and cozy living room: here the formula is no-service and allows you to enjoy an evening with friends in total privacy with the possibility of requesting service, through an intercom, only when needed. At guests’ disposal, in the secret room there is in fact the Honesty Bar, to prepare by yourself excellent cocktails with single portion bottles.

Andrea Ruggiero, under the supervision of the renowned chef Piercarlo Zanotti, takes care of the gourmet tapas menu, the perfect accompaniment to the excellent wine and cocktail list. A choice of 13 dishes, like the exquiste Caviar French Toast, made in collaboration with the Calvisius company, with egg cream inside pasteurized at 60 degrees, or the Filetto al Camino which is served already cut as finger food.


Classico Casa Tua (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

In the seventeenth-century courtyard on the ground floor, Classico remains a “must” in Brescia, to be experienced under the large portico in the two internal rooms with cocktail bar, and, in the summer, in the garden among romantic curtains and thousand lanterns.

Chef Sebastiano Pagani takes care of your culinary emotions. After several important experiences, including Miramonti l’altro in Concesio (BS), he has made Classico restaurant his “home”, where he serves the traditional Brescian cuisine revisited in a modern key as well as a proposal inspired by street food, such as tempura prawns with Asian-inspired wasabi mayonnaise or Meatballs from Medeghina cuisine, just perfect to be to share.

Classico Casa Tua (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

The perfect place at any time of the day: for a business lunch, a romantic gourmet dinner with soft lighting and background music or an aperitif with friends.

Whether you choose Classico, or the new Classico Casa Tua formula, what is certain is that as you enter the palace, you have the sensation of abandoning everyday life to enter a magical and timeless atmosphere where history and style come together to create something truly unique.

The Secret

The palace, the former residence of the Bishop’s in the 1600s, owes its current appearance to Giovanni Fumagalli of the homonymous important family. Peculiar and creative character, in the period between the two wars, he embellished the house with stuccos, coats of arms and decorations that responded above all to his personal aesthetic taste. He made it his atelier, and it is said that he lived there with such maniacal care that he made his guests remove their shoes even in the external courtyard.

Useful Info

Classico Casa Tua
Via Antonio Callegari 2C
25121 Brescia
Tel. +39 030 2403004

Tapas Gourmet: 20 —  40 euro
Cocktails: 15 — 20  euro

Lunch menu: 25 — 50 euro per person
Dinner menu:  50 — 70 euro per person

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