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[CÀ-RI-CO] Casual Risto Cocktail (MI)

by Alessia Ceccherini
[CÀ-RI-CO] Casual Risto Cocktail (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In the vibrant Via Savona, Carico is a small cocktail bar and gourmet bistro designed for those who want to eat and drink, really well, until late, with a soul that looks to the best international mixology.

Acronym of Casual Risto Cocktail, Carico, opened in 2020, is the first venture of Domenico Carella, a past as a chef and award-winning mixologist between Hong Kong, London and Shanghai, today a consultant for large international groups, and Lorenzo Ferraboschi who, after ten years experience in Japan, has become a point of reference in Italy for food & beverage projects linked to this fascinating country.

From the fusion of the two souls of the restaurant, it is easy to understand why Carico is so unique in the Milanese panorama: a mix between a research cocktail bar and a gourmet restaurant with an open kitchen from which cutting-edge tools worthy of an alchemist’s shop emerge.

[CÀ-RI-CO] Casual Risto Cocktail (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Carico has a theatrical direction, in which everything, from the height of the seats to how the glass is placed on the table, is thought out down to the smallest detail.

(Domenico Carella, founder)

If Domenico’s vision is to interpret mixology as a “liquid cuisine” and Lorenzo’s to contaminate it with Japanese culture, what is certain is that at Carico you drink really well in a context that favors the art of encounter. A small open space, the restaurant mixes various styles, from concrete walls with colored neon to recycled furniture of the Vecchia Milano, you can sit practically anywhere, by the bar counter, by the supports along the walls, or around the large convivial tables at the center of the room.

[CÀ-RI-CO] Casual Risto Cocktail (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

On the menu, we find dishes that oscillate between reassuring familiar flavors and experimental combinations such as Pink shrimps, their bisque, fermented purple cabbage and poppy leaf sauce; Oyster, clementine and purple carrot, Ligurian focaccia, mayonnaise with pimenton and eggs lumpfish, or Puff pastry balls with liver pate. All are designed to be paired with equally “gourmet” drinks such as Hatsumago Densho, Kimoto method, winner of the award for best sake in Japan in 2018, Champagne RSRV Cuvée 4.5 by Maison G.H. Mumm, up to creative or classic cocktails such as French_75 based on Tanqueray N ° Ten gin, Crémant d’Alsace and citrus.

All drinks are also available in a compact tasting version, as are the dishes in the half portion, to encourage tasting and sharing.

[CÀ-RI-CO] Casual Risto Cocktail (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

And the uniqueness of the place did not end there. At the entrance on the right, a hidden door leads to a small multi-sensory room, set up with seven seats placed around a half-moon table, that can be customized with a spectacular video mapping; think, for example, of the famous Ultraviolet, the restaurant created in Shanghai by French chef Paul Pairet with walls completely covered with immersive images.

Also bookable for small private events, the room is dedicated to themed evenings by reservation only, such as, for example, the Martini Room experience. From 10 in the evening, it is possible, in fact, to reserve it for a slot of time; 30 minutes at 30 euros for an aperitif, 60 minutes at 50 euros for a light dinner, and 90 minutes at 70 euros for a more complete dinner. Within the time slot, the Martinis are unlimited and served in half-drink cups so that you can taste more types, while the dishes are served every 15 minutes.
From Dry Martini, Gibson, Vesper, Dirty and other twists, you move on to the most original versions, through a sartorially guided tasting session by Domenico Carella himself.

If we add that Carico’s kitchen remains open until midnight, it is easy to understand how it has become, as well as one of the coolest places in Milan, the favorite of chefs and gastronomists.

The Secret

The curious device that makes a fine show at the entrance is a rotovap, an instrument used for vacuum distillation which, compared to other techniques, better preserves the aroma of spices, herbs and other ingredients used for cocktails.

Useful Info

[CÀ-RI-CO] Casual Risto Cocktail Bar
Via Savona 1
20144 Milano
Tel. +39 345 9431361

Tasting menus: aperitif and 3 courses plus dessert 35 euro, with 5 matching drinks, variations of great classics in a compact portion, wines, sake, fermented and spirits 25 euro; aperitif and 5 courses plus dessert 50 euro, with 7 drinks in combination 30 euro
Dishes: from 15 to 20 euro, half portion also available
Cocktails: from 10 euro

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