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Bistrot in Dima (MB)

by Stefanella Ebhardt
Bistrot in Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

In Vimercate, a few km from Milan and Monza, a former art gallery hosts a creative hub composed of an elegant restaurant and a multifunctional industrial space with a café, a florist and small shopping corners that showcase various local excellences.

It is a truly spectacular façade that welcomes guests at the entrance to the In Dima world: 35 tiles created by 35 artists to create a collective work that immediately tells the strong identity of this place. We are, in fact, in a historic art and design gallery of Vimercate which in 2019 was transformed by Carlo Villa into a contemporary space to live from dusk till dawn.

The creative hub consists of Bistrot in Dima, a fine dining restaurant open for both lunch and dinner, which was followed in 2021 by Area Dima, a multifunctional open space that houses a café, a cocktail bar, a flower designer, a wine shop and various pop-up stores, an ever-changing showcase of excellences of the local fashion and design scene.

Bistrot in Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Bistrot in Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

I wanted to create a place of art to live all day, for a romantic dinner or a special breakfast whilst doing shopping or ordering a fragrant bouquet of flowers.

(Carlo Villa, owner)

To maintain the artistic vocation of the location, the Bistrot project was assigned to a scenography design studio that created a modern and elegant space capable of adapting to different contaminations: In Dima, in fact, hosts exhibitions and works of art that change over time, always offering guests new suggestions.

Beauty, art and pleasure are the fil rouge of the restaurant that Carlo, perfect host for his customers, has shaped into a lounge with velvet seats, sofas and tables decorated with flower compositions. Created daily by the flower artist Sabrina Salvioni in the dedicated corner of Area Dima next to the bistro, all the bouquets of the mise en place are also on sale.

Bistrot in Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Bistrot in Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

On the walls, we find another Carlos’ great passion: there are, in fact, many shelves with precious bottles from the Caveau, the wine cellar of Area Dima, including a limited edition Bellavista’s bottle with a label customised for Bistrot in Dima.

With an open kitchen overlooking the 40 seats, Carlo and the maître Marco take great care of their guests, for example by preparing a chateaubriand steak or a tiramisù which are served and garnished with a gueridon at the table.

Bistrot in Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

Inspiration and creativity also accompany the proposals on the menu created by the chef. A mix of Mediterranean taste and Milan traditions which are transformed into scenographic and original dishes, such as Bavette with cuttlefish ink and caviar or Cannelloni glazed with Neapolitan ragout.

Before dinner, it is a must to try the cocktail bar of Area Dima for an aperitif prepared by the mixologist Simone and accompanied by delicious tapas. Among its signatures, the original drink ‘Meglio del cinema’, served in the traditional Japanese teapot tetsu-kyūsunome, made with Gine Engine, lemon, popcorn syrup, dried sage and infused salt.

Perfect for a sweet or savoury breakfast, Area Dima is open all day for a gourmet break during which you can also treat yourself by ordering flowers or doing some cool shopping.

Bistrot in Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets
Bistrot in Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

An ideal format to host events and vernissages, just follow the venue’s social networks to stay updated on the busy calendar of events, food&wine tastings, fashion shows and live music evenings that give guests different emotions every time.

A truly unique place, where Carlo welcomes you  with a smile, calling you by name, surrounded by the scent of flowers, wine and good food.

The Secret

Vimercate still has one of the most beautiful markets in all of Brianza. An ancient Roman village, located in a strategic position at the crossroads between Lecco, Como, Milan and Bergamo, it has been a meeting point for merchants from all over the area for centuries. Hence the name Vicus Mercati, market village.

Useful Info

Bistrot in Dima
Via Crocefisso 2B
20871 Vimercate, Monza e Brianza
Tel. +39 366 6373730

Starters: 18 — 24 euro
First courses: 22 — 30 euro
Second courses: 30 — 33 euro
Cocktails: from 10 euro

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