Bellosteria (LC)

by Stefanella Ebhardt
Bellosteria (LC) — Lombardia Secrets

In Annone di Brianza, near Milan, a fairytale osteria created by 4 friends, "artisans of Beauty" which, with an al fresco area surrounded by lemons and a refined design, takes us back to the most beautiful suggestions of the 19th-century Lombard lakes so loved by Stendhal.

“Finally my spirit, which refuses too much beauty in the sake of love, has found something where there is nothing to refuse…the mountains of Brianza.” Thus wrote Stendhal of his passage through these places, and it is definitely beauty and attention to detail that can be found in Bellosteria, a project born from a natural flow of shapes and colors in dialogue with the territory that has given character and personality to the place, without betraying its origins.

Located a few steps from Lake Annone, in that part of Brianza near Lecco cited by artists and writers, the old inn of the small town has, in fact, revived, betraying in the old stone walls and in the ancient column that divides the interiors from the beautiful outdoor area its long history.

Bellosteria (LC) — Lombardia Secrets
Bellosteria (LC) — Lombardia Secrets

Restructuring means building your own space, made to measure, but keeping a little of what came before us.


The soul of the place are Beatrice, Marco, Marino and Matteo, architects, designers as well as wood and iron craftsmen, the founders of the renowned Scenarch studio, already well known for having signed highly successful hotel and restaurant projects.

By channeling years of experience, study of materials, shapes and lights into Bellosteria, the interior&product design studio has, in fact, created a place where manual craftsmanship combined with natural and recycled materials are the protagonists, such as the floor with reused wooden planks, or the decorative doors and windows that come from an old villa in the area.

Bellosteria (LC) — Lombardia Secrets
Bellosteria (LC) — Lombardia Secrets

The external dehor is wonderful and you eat surrounded by the yellow of the lemons and the green of the olive trees which exude all the charm of the Lombard lakes of the Belle Époque. From here, you enter the first room characterized by a large convivial wooden table, made with a whole section of oak and worked entirely by hand.

Opposite, there is the bar counter with a vintage feel emphasized by iron bottle racks, an antiqued mirror and a sign with the name of the restaurant; another fab example of the attention to detail that Scenarch has put into the creation of the project.

Bellosteria (LC) — Lombardia Secrets

Passing further, one enters the two romantic restaurant rooms, with a very intimate atmosphere in the evening, separated by a stone and brick arch from the beginning of the last century recovered from the stratification of the previous eateries, which reveal other details of comfort, such as the walls sound-absorbing in which the profiles of the mountains surrounding Bellosteria are reproduced.

The artistic direction is entrusted to the chef Mauro Elli of Il Cantuccio di Albavilla 1 Michelin star who coordinates the chef Simone in the kitchen in the preparation of dishes which, starting from the ingredients of the Brianza tradition, are rethought in a modern key, while the guests reception is entrusted to Veronica, very attentive hostess.

Bellosteria (LC) — Lombardia Secrets
Bellosteria (LC) — Lombardia Secrets

The menu changes according to the season and you can choose from dishes that enhance the organic raw material, such as poached egg on toast with potato mousse and tomato powder or the platter of local cold cuts, up to the great classics of such as spaghetti with salmon trout and basil or main courses based on lake fish and cuts of meat, from casserole beef fillet to delicious roast suckling pig.

Perfect for a lunch in the sun, a romantic dinner, or an aperitif, Bellosteria is a perfect destination for a trip out of town on Lake Annone, open on Sundays from midday until late in the evening and, during the week, at lunchtime and dinnertime.

The Secret

In the summer of 1818, Marie-Henri Beyle, better known as Stendhal, recounted in a diary his Grand Tour through the “uniquely beautiful corners” of Brianza, traveling through the enchanted landscapes between the lakes of Alserio and Annone. Today, the latter can be covered on foot and by bicycle along its entire 16 km perimeter, enjoying the spectacle of the mountains reflected in the water, an excellent starting point for a walk before or after a break at Bellosteria.

Useful Info

Via Maggiore 16
23841 Annone di Brianza, Lecco
Tel. +39 0341 263061

Starters: 14 euro
First courses: 16 euro
Second courses: 23 euro
Desserts: 7  euro

Business Lunch 12 — 17 euro

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