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Areadocks Boutique Hotel (BS)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Areadocks Boutique Hotel (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

Not far from the center of Brescia, Areadocks is a constantly evolving Wunderkammer of wonders made up of various realities of food entertainment, shopping and, the latest, a wonderful art boutique hotel.

Born in 2004 and obtained from a former railway warehouse, hence the name, entering Areadocks is like arriving at platform 9 ¾ of King’s Cross station in London and being catapulted into a world made of emotion and magic, just like that of Harry Potter.

A real entertainment hub, Areadocks covers an area of 5,000 square meters that includes four restaurants, six cocktail bars, a patisserie with ice cream shop, a concept store, pop-up spaces and a design studio.
Curiously, Arearredo is the beating heart of this wonderful world, managed by the owners and creatives Alberto Marengoni and Alessandro Cestaro who, starting from their personal vision of art, design and personal branding, have created, piece by piece, their wunderkammer, chamber of wonders, both dandy and bohemian.

Areadocks Boutique Hotel (BS) — Lombardia Secrets
Areadocks Boutique Hotel (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

Since its foundation, at Areadocks we have connected things and trends with the simple aim of creating excitement and fun.

(Alberto Marengoni e Alessandro Cestaro, founders)

In May 2021 the latest born: Areadocks Boutique Hotel, a real art hotel that offers 13 rooms and suites all decorated in a different way, an eclectic style that mixes iconic pieces of great design brands, from Porro to Timothy Oulton, from Flos to Artemide, from Andrew Martin to Gervasoni just to name a few, together with vintage elements or specially designed by Arearredo.

Not surprisingly, the design studio, that has furnished some of the most beautiful houses and locals in the world, is famous for the scouting of particular objects and statement pieces that they research all over the world but also for those created by their designers and which have now become a cult, like the original safes.

Areadocks Boutique Hotel (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

At Areadocks, everything is for sale and the interior is constantly evolving, including sets created to celebrate certain periods of the year and exhibitions by famous artists, such as photographer Maurizio Galimberti, or proposed by the many art galleries with which Alberto and Alessandro collaborate, such as Capitolium Art, the Massimo Minini Gallery or Paci Contemporary Art.

In addition to a meticulous design, the rooms offer all modern comforts such as emotional showers, mattresses that guarantee optimal sleep performance, radiant air conditioning for a 360-degree well-being with a ‘high mountain’ effect, a Spa and wellness center on the rooftop.

And in addition to being beautiful, Areadocks is also very “yummy”. You can choose between a different kind of food entertainment every day under the direction of the executive chef Andrea Ugo who supervises all the kitchens, starting from the North Department Ristorante & Pizza Gourmet (very good pizza made from stone-ground organic grains), for an easy lunch or dinner, where a delicious sweet and savory breakfast is also served with homemade delicacies of all kinds, Second Class Steak & Fish House, also famous for the evenings of live entertainment, Loft Restaurant and its Garden Cocktail Bar for the fine dining lovers.

Areadocks Boutique Hotel (BS) — Lombardia Secrets

Different concepts, but the same philosophy strongly desired by the owners, in particular by Alberto, a great lover of nature (who supplies the eggs of his hens for the delicious poached eggs), who seeks a raw material with a short supply chain, such as the cheeses of the nearby mountain huts, Calvisius caviar and lake fish, and derived from organic crops and Slow Food presidia.

An informal fun that envelops every moment of the stay with great authenticity, making us feel in the middle of a party with friends rather than in a hotel, where the guest has available on request, in addition to the spa, bikes, e-bikes, mopeds, and tailor-made personal shopping and interior design services.

The Secret

Alberto Marengoni, eclectic former rugby champion who became a successful interior designer and entrepreneur, is also a serial collector of art and curious objects (which he also searches for his clientele all over the world), such as globes, Berkel, motorcycles and ex voto. In fact, the beautiful votive gifts that you see framed in many of the hotel rooms are part of his private collection.

Useful Info

Via Diaz 4
25121 Brescia
Tel. + 39 030 40190

International breakfast: 15 euro
Brunch: 30 euro, excluding wines and drinks
Easy lunch: bowls from 13 euro, omelettes from 7 euro, pizzas 12 — 14 euro, main courses 13 — 16 euro, focaccias 7 — 8 euro
Dinner: appetizers 15 — 25, main 15 — 25, pizzas from 13 euro, bowls from 13 euro, desserts 8 euro

Rooms from 150 euro

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