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Area Dima (MB)

by Stefanella Ebhardt e Alessia Ceccherini
Area Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

In Vimercate, just outside Milan, a "cultural" dehors is the enchanting setting that houses a refined bistro and a versatile design space, open from breakfast to late evening for art-loving gourmets.

A “dive into art “is the metaphor that best describes Area Dima, an original dehors located a few kilometers from Milan. We are in Vimercate, an ancient Roman village at the cross of the roads coming from Lecco, Como, Milan, and Bergamo, where one of the most beautiful markets in the entire Brianza region is still present today.

It is here that Carlo Villa has revived the space of a historic art gallery, transforming it into a creative hub composed of two locations: the Bistrot in Dima, a refined fine dining, and Area Dima, a former industrial space that houses a café, a cocktail bar, a flower corner, a wine shop, and various pop-up stores. The fil rouge among the different realities are the artworks that adorns the exterior and interior of the locations, constantly changing throughout the year thanks to collaborations with various artists.

Area Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

I wanted to create a dynamic space that engages all the senses, an environment where one can rediscover beauty through art, music, and flowers, accompanied by simple yet high-quality cuisine.

(Carlo Villa, owner)

Thus, the original façade of the Bistrot, right at the entrance of the space, is a collective work of art by 35 artists, one for each tile on the wall. Just in front of it, we find Area Dima with its graphite-colored wall that has recently been decorated with the installation “InVolo”, a flock of white birds symbolizing freedom, created by the city’s children under the guidance of artist Rossana Maggi from ArteVox.

From breakfast, with a coffee accompanied by freshly filled cannoncini alla crema, to lunch adorned with the flowers of flower artist Sabrina Salvioni, who has her corner shop inside Area Dima, the menu is coordinated by chef Simone Zanon, a lover of traditional Milanese dishes as well as a curious innovator.

Area Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

But it is at the aperitif time that this unique open space comes alive with a special atmosphere. Don’t miss the “Thanks God it’s Friday” formula every Friday, featuring an aperitif with DJ set where expert bartenders serve special cocktails accompanied by a selection of freshly prepared finger food. And during the summer months, the busy calendar of events fills up with convivial occasions, wine&champagne tastings, and live music evenings.

One more reason to indulge in an outdoor dinner and choose from the informal proposals of Area Dima, such as fish and meat tartares and avocado toasts, to be paired with a cocktail. For those who prefer a more structured dinner, reservations can be made at the nearby Bistrot in Dima for a special menu featuring raw fish appetizers or the original Milanese-style veal cutlet with yuzu mayonnaise and salad.

Area Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

The care and attention that Carlo dedicates to design and art are evident not only in the interior of the place but also in the many artworks and installations that decorate the spaces. This is thanks to a continuous search for collaborations with artists who lend their works for short periods to Area Dima, offering guests ever-changing inspirations.

Among the many, we can cite the collaboration with Luigi Masecchia, a Neapolitan artist who has made recycled crown caps a distinctive element of his art, or the painter Mauro Calvi who creates large panels using an abstract language in which color plays with different textures.

Area Dima (MB) — Lombardia Secrets

Area Dima is truly a unique place to experience in its entirety, surrounded in an elegant yet intimate atmosphere thanks to the always special attention that Carlo reserves for each guest.

The Secret

Until 2019, when Carlo Villa took over the locations, Area Dima was a historic art and design gallery in Vimercate, a legacy that has contributed to making beauty and art the heart of its concept.

Useful Info

Area Dima
Via Crocefisso 2B
20871 Vimercate, Monza e Brianza
Tel. +39 366 6373730

Starters: 20 — 22 euro
First courses: 20 — 25 euro
Second courses: 28 — 30 euro

Cocktails: from 10 euro
Bar Bites: 12 — 15 euro

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