The most romantic restaurants in Milan

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Milan, here is a selection of addresses characterized by charming furnishings, intimate atmospheres, soft lighting and secluded tables that invite you to let yourself go and relax.

What makes a restaurant “romantic”? Surely a yummy menu, the glare of candles, warm colors and the pleasure of detail given by a flower, precious objects, the charm of history.

Based on these premises, we propose the list of our favorites, in alphabetical order and subject to continuous enrichment by our editorial staff.

Al Fresco

In via Savona in Milan, Al Fresco is a fairy tale greenhouse, set up every three months with ever new floral scenographies and thousands of candles and lights.

The garden, a real wonder, is one of the most romantic in the city, full of centenary trees, such as mulberry, beautiful peach and cherry trees, many flowering species, including jasmine and rose gardens, and an enchanting terrace called “of wisteria” as in spring it is enveloped by a spectacular lilac cloud. The cuisine looks to the Mediterranean tradition with typical Milanese touches and it is just perfect for a lunch or dinner based on raw fish and Franciacorta bubbles.

The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets

Al Garghet

Located 20 minutes from Milan in via Selvanesco, Al Garghet has been since 1991 one of the most magical and romantic places to eat the famous “elephant ear” (a special bread-fried veal cutlet) prepared just like it once was.

The host of this magical kingdom, Emanuela Cipolla, has created a “Middle-Earth” inspired by the charm of the countryside, from the English one made of tartans and fantastic creatures, to the railing houses of the Milanese suburbs. “Garghet” in Milanese is, in fact, the croaking of frogs that still entertain guests in the wonderful flower garden where, in summer, you can eat al fresco on the veranda or under the country chic umbrellas. Perfect for a romantic evening to spend enjoying the most delicious traditional dishes.

The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets

Caruso Nuovo

In Milan, Caruso Nuovo restaurant and bistro is the new hotspot of the Grand Hotel et de Milan, a high-society “parlour” for over 160 years, which has reopened in grand style with refined deco atmospheres and the cuisine signed by the chef Gennaro Esposito.

The interiors inspired by the world of Grand Hotels from the past are refined and very romantic, characterised, in the main room, by spectacular ceiling lighting made up of 7 scenographic chandeliers by Dimorestudio combined with burgundy velvet seats and refined jacquard fabric wallpaper with Art Nouveau motifs. While in the elegant veranda with dehors, which overlooks Piazzetta Croce Rossa, elegant retro wicker seats by Bonacina and many exotic plants are the protagonists.

The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets

El Porteño Gourmet

In Milan, in the small via Speronari a stone’s throw from the Duomo, El Porteño Gourmet is a small restaurant inspired by the fascinating atmosphere of the 1940s Buenos Aires. Between red velvet curtains, soft lighting and a soundtrack that echoes of bandoneón and elegant dancers, the venue is designed to offer the best of the legendary vida tanguera.

The menu focuses on meat, especially grilled beef, pork and veal, as well as on the main specialties of Argentine cuisine to be paired with a glass of Malbec, one of the most popular red wines of South America. With a high rate of romance, El Porteño Gourmet is pure passion and fun, just like tango.

The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets

Giacomo Bistrot

In via Sottocorno in the Risorgimento area, Giacomo Bistrot is one of the most romantically bohemian places in Milan with furnishings from ancient French bistros and oriental antiques from the 1700s.

Always characterized by one of the chicest and most vibrant atmospheres in the city, for a special evening you can start with a drink at the nearby Tabaccheria, or with a cocktail sitting at its wonderful deco bar before settling down to a table for two. The cuisine looks to the most delicious Milanese tradition, not to be missed are the yellow risotto and the Milanese veal cutlet to finish spoiling yourself with the double chocolate cake.

The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets


In the Porta Romana area, Potafiori is at the same time a flower shop, a restaurant and a concert theater, a truly unique concept in Italy conceived by its muse, Rosalba Piccinni who likes to define herself as a cantafiorista (singer-florist). With an interior designed to act as a perfect backdrop to the wonderful settings that distinguish the place at every change of season, including works of art and floral decorations, it is one of the most romantic places in Milan.

Potafiori is also a concept store where everything is on sale, from flowers to clutches to plates by Richard Ginori and scarves by Mantero Seta. What’s better to amaze with a candlelit lunch and an unexpected gift?

The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets


In Milan, near Corso Genova, an evocative mid-19th century building has been transformed into the “dream” venue (Sogni means dreams in Italian) according to Claudio Antonioli, an entrepreneur who has been setting trends in fashion and music for more than 3 decades.

After a “glam” aperitif in the beautiful retro lounge, you can then move into the more intimate and romantic restaurant room, characterized by spectacular walls high up to the ceiling, which host the hand-painted “Dreams” crockery, and an enormous horseshoe-shaped convivial table whose seats are divided by large flower pots. And if you look carefully at the staff who refine the last touches before the opening, from lighting the candles to placing the cool tableware designed by Ann Demeulemeester, it seems like you are witnessing the last seconds before a fashion show, when it’s almost time to go on stage and give guests stolen moments of eternal beauty.

The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets

Trattoria Arlati

Among the most historic restaurants in Milan, since 1936 it has been the oldest family license in the city, Trattoria Arlati is a bulwark of the Milanese food and wine tradition, the art of cabaret and live music.

Welcomed by the symbol of the restaurant, a 2-meter high ostrich made with playing cards by the Turin artist Nicola Bolla, and by its host Leopoldo Arlati, the restaurant is unique in Italy for its layered decor. It combines, in fact, the warmth of the trattorias of the past with the charm of the Parisian ateliers of the turn of the century among noir walls, original works of art and the many photos hanging on the walls. The cuisine is traditional Milanese with its cult dishes such as yellow saffron risotto, fettuccine with sausage ragù and the Milanese ossobuco meat.

The most romantic restaurants in Milan — Lombardia Secrets

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