The Moor's Heads Verus by Cori Amenta

The cult artworks of the famous designer get to Milan!

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
The Moor’s Heads Verus by Cori Amenta — Lombardia Secrets

A collection of unique objects, designed by the artist Cori Amenta, Milanese by adoption, and made by the master ceramists of Verus Ceramiche of Caltagirone. Inspired by freedom in all its forms, for the first time, the “Moors” are not conceived in pairs but, provocatively, in blissful completeness.

It does not happen very often that a millenary tradition is revolutionalized. This is what happened from the meeting between Verus Ceramiche, an institution of the Caltagirone artistic manufacture, and Cori Amenta, designer, stylist and DJ with a long career in Milan developed between photographic sets, fashion magazine covers, and her footwear collections chosen by many international celebs.

That of Teste di Moro, a symbol of the highest craftsmanship and the proud character of a wonderful people, is, in fact, a story that is lost in the dawn of time in Sicily.

The Moor’s Heads Verus by Cori Amenta — Lombardia Secrets
The Moor’s Heads Verus by Cori Amenta — Lombardia Secrets

In the Moor’s Heads my experience and my face become art, a song of redemption designed to bring beauty, culture and the positive values of freedom and peace.

(Cori Amenta)

A tradition that seems to have been born when a noblewoman from Palermo, to take revenge for the betrayal of her splendid Moorish lover (referring at that time to peoples from Mauretania), kills him, then using the head as a vase for her beloved flowers.

The legend explains why, since then, the Sicilian Moors always go in pairs; a woman‘s head embodying proud femininity and a man’s head, a symbol of virility and courage.

The Moor’s Heads Verus by Cori Amenta — Lombardia Secrets

Ambassador of the international Queer community, Cori Amenta wanted to overturn this stereotype, combining both traits in each of her works, thus merging the masculine and the feminine and giving life to original and intense works of art that narrate this fascinating dualism through episodes of real life and the history of her people, linked to ancient Greece and its myths.

Each Testa di Moro in the Verus by Cori Amenta collection is made in the Verus Ceramiche atelier in Caltagirone, a company that symbolizes internationally this wonderful art, where precious one-of-a-kind pieces are created, completely hand-moulded, painted and glazed.

The Moor’s Heads Verus by Cori Amenta — Lombardia Secrets

The new collection, recently presented to the press, boasts 15 subjects, including Puppu, the king of the abyss, a primitive sexless creature, a metaphor for transformation and “mimesis”, Aniura, like a Madonna of Tindari with brown skin similar to ebony, and Frida, from the name of the famous Mexican artist, a symbol of strength and beauty.

Where to find them in Milan? At Mazzolari in Piazza San Babila, whilst the other creations by Verus Ceramiche can be found at Rinascente and at Zagara in Via Vincenzo Monti.

The Moor’s Heads Verus by Cori Amenta — Lombardia Secrets

The Secret

The idea of the first Moor’s Head, the Puppu, came to Cori Amenta during a plane trip on the way to Milan, when inappropriate comments were made to her when passing through the metal detector. A wonderful symbol of rebirth, Cori has transformed negative feelings into creativity, letting her head with octopus’s tentacles speak for her and all of us, in the name of respect and freedom.

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