Talea Lake Como

The vintage greenhouse where events and objects inspired by the chicest brocantage come to life

by Stefanella Ebhardt
Talea Lake Como (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

In the center of Como, Talea is a marvelous retro greenhouse that hosts a brocantage shop where, among flowers, ancient ceramics and period objects, events, workshops and charming organic brunches come into life.

What if we brought together a young couple’s passions for history, ancient crafts and wild nature? This is how was born the project of Giorgia and Davide who, by combining their innate creative flair and the family organic farm business, gave life to a green oasis where, in addition to selling wonderful vintage objects, they plan and organize events with careful attention to even the smallest detail.

Talea concept store, very close to the center of Como and a stone’s throw from the lake, is housed in a historic greenhouse recovered by the couple and transformed into their room of wonders where you can buy brocanteries from all over Italy, organic products of their own production, plants herbs and flowers grown on their farm located a few kilometers from the shop, as well as unique handcrafted objects made especially for Talea.

Talea Lake Como (CO) — Lombardia Secrets
Talea Lake Como (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

We carefully design spaces and events that arise around a convivial “table”, just like it was in the past, putting care, love and a lot of magic into it.

(Giorgia and Davide, founders)

A vintage gas stove, a large billiard table, chairs and stools from every era, the scales of antique greengrocers, and then books, ceramics, tin boxes, as well as many plants and flowers: this is the magical setting in which the highly creative ideas and projects for Talea’s customers are carried out.

Every week Giorgia and Davide come up with some new happenings: sometimes it is a brunch (by reservation) set up on the large wooden table and served with period porcelain; other times it is a workshop of old crafts to learn how to dye fabrics with natural colors or how to create artistic paper.
While, in the summer, you can also book parties and bucolic picnics by the lake in the meadows of the nearby farm, located in Careno di Nesso, enjoying dishes made entirely with self-produced ingredients.

Talea Lake Como (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

Giorgia and Davide’s project is in constant evolution, driven by a desire for beautiful, genuine, and simple things that perfectly align with their values of sustainability, finding expression in their passion for giving new life to objects full of history.

So, upon entering Talea, one can get lost admiring the decorations of the old Richard Ginori tableware, fall in love with vintage Olivetti typewriters, and enjoy a tasty coffee made with a still-functioning historic moka coffee maker.

Talea Lake Como (CO) — Lombardia Secrets
Talea Lake Como (CO) — Lombardia Secrets

Talea is at the same time a place, an idea, a project, and a vision where a blend of passion, sensitivity, and ability coexist and translate into creative services that captivate anyone who discovers their reality. Just let your imagination fly and turn to Giorgia and Davide in order to see the most charming events come to life, whether organized in the concept store or in their lake-view farm, surrounded by flowers, flavors, and fairytale objects.

The Secret

Why Talea? As a “talea” is the best example of regenerative ability; a fragment of a plant that, when put in the soil, gives life to a new specimen. Like Giorgia and Davide, who from a small dream have grown many services all inspired by the values of authenticity and genuineness.

Useful Info

Talea Lake Como
Via Borgo Vico 163
22100 Como
Tel. +39 393 5563471


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