La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI)

by Lavinia colonna Preti
La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

In Milan, an atelier, the Milanese home of the designer Silvia Bisconti, creator of the Raptus&Rose fashion brand, where, among wonderful unique fabrics purchased all over the world, you can sip a tea while "sewing" dreams and creating tailor-made beauty.

Hidden in via Farini, in an “Old Milan” style courtyard, there is a place that, by will of its creator, does not want to be defined, yet it defines a style, or rather a world made of beauty and attention to detail.

It’s not a shop. It’s not a showroom. It’s not an atelier. It’s not a parlour. It’s not a house. It is the sum of all these realities. Something that has to do with clothes, of course, but also with food, with books, with culture, with spirituality, with sisterhood, with hospitality.

La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Beauty is everywhere, especially where we think we won’t find it. Beauty must be sought, looked after, lovingly cultivated. Beauty is everywhere.

(Silvia Bisconti)

This is how Silvia Bisconti wanted her new Milanese home, a space that does not exist according to definitions and, precisely for this reason, transforms from month to month into something different and experienced, from a concept store to a space for events, from a parlor to a creative atelier.

Silvia certainly needs no introduction: right-hand man of Romeo Gigli, then for 12 years at the creative direction of Malìparmi, theater set designer, in 2015 she founded her own maison, Raptus&Rose, with the desire for a fashion freed from every diktat and to create clothes made to measure and unique pieces mainly sewn by hand with very high sartorial quality. Her gift is to create beauty, or rather to find it even where we think it isn’t there, and sew it on us.

La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

Driven by a concept of “human sustainability”, the designer always chooses spaces imbued with beauty, welcoming and unexpected for her places of creation, where private moments intertwine with working ones and there is the right energy to create common projects and cultivate talent.

Thus, if for the Belluno headquarters of the fashion brand she chose an ancient typography with enormous windows overlooking the Piave river, for Milan, after much research, she was captivated by a space originally created as the house of a cinema set designer who had modeled the interiors as a sort of deconstructed theatre.

La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

How could Silvia, a theatre costume designer herself, resist the charm of those rough walls and the vintage wooden floor that seems stolen from a theater stage? So since 2023 she has transformed the space into her atelier, enriching it with some of the stylistic features of the Raptus&Rose brand: antique cabinets full of fabrics, armchairs and sofas that have already lived multiple lives, vintage porcelain and “souvenirs” from her many travels.

In her book published in 2019, Silvia defines herself as “an eccentric traveller”; an art, that of travel, which she loves to put into practice by seeking inspiration and unique fabrics for her creations, on the dusty streets of New Delhi or along the steep cliffs of Wales, wherever her heart takes her.

La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

The Raptus&Rose designer garments are created with fabrics, especially vintage ones, that come from all over the world, from Indian brocades to Japanese crêpe satins, designed to tell a story and give life to unique clothes in which Silvia seeks beauty in every sartorial detail.

In La Residenza Milanese you can find the great classics of Raptus&Rose, such as the Perfecto Dress which, as the name suggests, is the perfect travel item according to Silvia, new items, or even have your dream dress tailor-made, obviously chosen while you can taste tea and biscuits in the vintage lounge set up in the heart of the atelier.

La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets
La Residenza Milanese di Raptus&Rose (MI) — Lombardia Secrets

This is the magic touch of Raptus&Rose: recognizing the beauty that is within us and telling it through creations with a perfect fit. A tireless dreamer, dress after dress, Silvia is, in her own way, truly changing the world.

The Secret

In the Residenza, Silvia wanted her personal “dewaniya”, the traditional Middle Eastern lounge where the most important guests are welcomed, which she recreated here with enormous brocade sofas decorated with many colorful cushions that come from all parts of the world, in particular Japan , India, and Morocco; the countries, in addition to Italy, dearest to her as a source of inspiration.

Useful Info

Via Carlo Farini, 8/cortile interno
20154 Milano
Tel. +39 320 3448862

Open from Tuesday to Thursday from 11am to 7pm, at other times by reservation

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